Monday, September 11, 2023

December 17-18, 2023 Condo and church in St Martin

Saturday  Today was our 45th wedding anniversary!  We had a lazy day at the condo.  We just enjoy being in a condo vs our boat.  We watched Croatia beat Morocco in the soccer FIFA world cup.   

Dave took me to church.  I loved the singing, again. 


I try to be discrete when trying to film in church, so strange filming.

I always wish we would sing this song with as much enthusiasm.

I tried to get a few photos of their Christmas decorations.

We enjoyed shopping for French food and wine at the grocery stores in St Martin. We had Coq au vin for lunch and a nice dinner at the condo.  

12-18 Sunday We had ramekins at the condo, so we mad baked eggs for breakfast. 

our local fresh baguette

We watched the world cup at the condo.  Argentina won in overtime. There was an impromptu parade of supporters as we left for dinner.

Then we had an early dinner on the waterfront at Francis restaurant.  We both had Creole snapper.  


We enjoyed a beautiful sunset from our condo.



Our friends from Denmark introduced us to Pastis in France.  Great on ice with water to taste

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