Thursday, September 21, 2023

April 4-5, 2023 Lynyard Cay and Pete's Pub at Little Harbour, Abacos

 4-4 Tuesday. The plan for today was to go to Great Guana Cay, but the winds were better today for going off shore.  Change of plans.  We left Treasure Cay and went through the Whale cut north of Great Guana Cay.  Then we headed south along the islands offshore and tried our luck at fishing, but no luck.  We anchored at Lynyard Cay about 3:30pm.
Dave took Erin, Joe and me to shore with a cooler of beers.  Joe and Erin hiked across the island and I looked for shells on the beach.  When they returned, we enjoyed a little beach time.  Dave picked us up.  He had changed the outboards from the 20hp to the 3.5hp because the 20hp had died on him several times on the way back to the boat.  Now we were having issues with the 3.5hp.  A man in another dinghy offered us a tow back to our boat.  He didn’t want anything for helping us.  But he had 2 preteen sons onboard with him, so we gave him 2 pirate scarves for them.  That’s our “thing”.
We had a nice pork dinner on the boat and enjoyed an almost full moon.

view back towards our boat

heading off on their hike

enjoying our bucket of beers

4-5 Wednesday Joe offered to put together an egg bake using dehydrated hash browns.  Just about the time it was going in the oven, a boat anchored near us.  It was friends from our marina in Brunswick, GA, DJ and JoDanna on Jera.  They had just made an overnight crossing from Spanish Wells.  We invited them over for breakfast.  Nice to see them again.

DJ, Jodanna, Erin, Joe, Mary

Dave, Mary, DJ, Jodanna

Joe snorkeled to the shoreline while Dave worked on the 3.5hp outboard and figured out the problem.  Something to do with not getting enough fuel.
About 12:30, we moved the boat over closer to Little Harbour for a day anchorage.  There is too much surge from the cut to sleep here overnight.  Rocks the boat too much.  And the entrance to Little Harbour is very shallow, so we haven’t taken our boat into the harbor.  
Dave stayed on the boat to make water.  Joe, Erin and I took the dinghy to snorkel in the Bight of Old Robinson, a large bay nearby.  It was getting close to low tide, so we ended up beaching the dinghy and walking in the shallow water.  We found a lot of beautiful starfish that were about a foot in diameter.  We found a few conch, but too small to keep.  On our way back to the boat, we saw a huge shark, about 12 ft long, heading to the area we had just left!

the shark passing by us

 We picked up Dave and took the dinghy into Little Harbour about 3:30.  We met DJ and JoDanna at Pete’s Pub and moved to a larger table.  Another couple joined us.  DJ and JoDanna had met Donna and Jerry on Bluejacket in the Ragged Islands earlier this year.  They have been coming to the Bahamas for 18 years.  Interesting to talk to.  
The 4 of us had an early dinner that was awesome!!  I had a ginger garlic tuna gyro, Joe had blackened mahi mahi sandwich, and Dave and Erin had lobster and shrimp tacos.  They all came with peas and rice and their signature coleslaw with pineapple and walnuts.   
We enjoyed walking the boardwalk over to the ocean side of the island.  There are sculptures throughout the little town and over the boardwalk made by the Robinson family.  They moved here in the 50’s and have a foundry here.  

We moved the boat back to Lynyard Cay and next to DJ and JoDanna.  They were visiting friends on a neighboring boat and had asked us to join them.  When JoDanna mentioned Hiflite, I thought I recognized the boat name.  The owners were Dale and Cori and she grew up in Newel, SD.  I had met her sister many years ago in Rapid City, maybe 2014.  Cori and I had connected by e-mail, but had never met.  So Dave and I went over to say hello and stayed about a half hour.  It was really nice to meet them.

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