Friday, September 22, 2023

April 20, 2023 Beach time and Bernard's Fishing dock

John and Tami joined us at the boat for breakfast.  We wanted to have the bread we had bough yesterday.  Note to self, don’t buy bread at a vegetable stand, buy it at a local bakery.  We were not impressed, but it will make great French toast tomorrow.  
John, Tami and I spent some time shopping and then had lunch at the Shipyard restaurant.  It’s at the east end of they island on the water.  Great atmosphere and food.  We decided to share one order of the pork griot with yam fries.  It is pieces of pork that are marinated and grilled and plenty for 3 people.  

We changed into swimsuits and walked the beach and sandbar that appears at low tide near the bridge that connects Spanish Wells and Russel Island.  Very picturesque.  Another person told us where she saw a large starfish.  We found it and took a few photos.





About 3:00, we picked up Dave and went to Bernard’s fishing dock.  He comes in everyday about 3:00 and sells his fresh catch.  We picked out a mutton snapper and he cut about 2 lbs for us. 



this was a contraption to catch flies

We dropped off Dave at the boat with the fish and returned to the beach by their cottage for one last happy hour in the water.  John and Tami took off to kayak and I prepped the veggies and rice for dinner.  Just as I was about to leave, Pete called.  Had a nice over due chat with him.  By the time I got to the beach, John and Tami were just putting away the kayaks.  We walked as far as we could along the beach before high tide made it difficult.
We headed back to the boat for dinner.  We brought the cooked rice from the cottage (saved our propane and didn’t have to heat up our boat boiling water).  Tami and I put together the salad and Dave cooked the fish.  Wonderful dinner!  We all hopped in the golf cart and went to Papa Scoops for ice cream.  It’s only open at night and we always see people lined up there.  It was soft serve, so you had to each it fast. 

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