Friday, September 15, 2023

February 21-March 2 Winter trip to Pierre, SD

 2-21I flew to SD to spend time with my brother, Don, while he was recovering from surgery to remove his bladder because of cancer.  Because of flight issues, I had to spend the night in Denver.  Luckily, my niece, Katie, was able to pick me up and let me spend the night at their home.  I was able to see her new baby, Cassius, along with her husband and daughter.  But added bonus was her sister, Sherri.
2-22 Katie took me to the airport on her way to work in the morning.  I arrived in Pierre, SD to -20 degrees windchill.  My sister, Janice, picked me up.

me holding Cassius

Memphis with a new haircut

Sherri holding Cassius

Brad and Blue

Me and Katie


2-23 Janice overlapped a few days with me to teach me how to help Don with his routine care.  

2-24 to 2-28. We had a daily routine for care.  Don started physical therapy while I was there.  And he had occasional visitors.  I especially liked the ones who came to shovel his snow. 

Don's back deck
you know it's really cold when hoar frost forms on the windows

3-1 Don’s daughter, Katie, arrived that evening with Memphis and Cassius.  After the kids were in bed, I reviewed Don’s care with Katie to hand over the caregiver role.  

Don and Cassius

Me and Cassius

Don and Memphis

3-2. I flew back to GA out of Pierre.  This is how small Pierre is-I left his house at 7:10am for the 5 minute drive to the airport.  Security didn’t open until 7:25.  It took about 20 minutes to get everyone through security.  This was a first-the pre flight info included where the fire extinguishers were located and how to use them if instructed to do so.  Hmmmmmm….
Dave had moved out of the VRBO and onto the boat while I was gone.  AND he continued with the boat projects.
But since I was back, we booked a hotel room until we’re finished with the boat.

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