Friday, September 22, 2023

Apirl 18, 2023 Sandbar restaurant, beach,

John and Tami come to our boat for breakfast today.  After eating, we dropped off Dave at the Mercury Dealer.  We went to Pinder’s supermarket to sign up John and Tami for their return trip to the airport.  We picked up Dave and took him back to the boat.  The local mercury dealer didn’t have an impeller.  IF there was an impeller in Nassau, it would take a week to get it.  So we decided to just use our 3.5hp and fix it back in the states.



interesting to see how they dredge the channel

We made arrangements with Spring car rentals to rent a car on the mainland tomorrow.  We’ll take the government ferry over to the main land and pick it up at Gene’s Bay.
We had lunch at the Sandbar restaurant on Russel Island, our favorite place.  It has a beautiful beach setting.  And the fish tacos were great.  

After lunch, we headed back to the beach by their cottage. It was so fun having drinks in the warm water.  Lots of photo ops.


several kite boarders today


We went for a walk on the east end of the island then caught the last of the sunset on the west end.
Dave spent the day on the boat making water and cleaning the bilge.  

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