Friday, September 15, 2023

February 1-3, 2023 Moving to St Marys Boat Services

 2-1 We left marina at 5:00am.  A couple crazy dock mates got up to see us off.  It was still dark and we had fog, but with radar, we were fine.  And we have made this trip several times.  We headed south on the ICW and anchored at the south end of Cumberland Island by 11:30am.  Later that afternoon, we moved the boat at high tide closer to St Marys Boat Services to be hauled out at their boatyard.  We plan to paint the bottom, repair the bottom of the keel, and a few miscellaneous projects. The boatyard wasn’t ready to haul us out until the 3rd.  

Sydney Linear Bridge

This is the first time we have seen a submarine at the naval base

2-2 We took the dinghy to shore to meet friends from Brunswick, Bill and Margaret Sinnett.  They brought our car to us.  We went to the Riverside Cafe downtown for lunch.  We were pleasantly surprised that they had excellent Greek food on their menu.  

Back at the boatyard, we found other friends from Brunswick that were in the boatyard, Becky and Rob Taulman, and visited on their boat before returning back to our boat for the evening.

2-3 At about 8:00am, we moved our boat to the boatyard at high tide (very shallow in this area) to be hauled out.  We were waiting for the go ahead when the owner, Rocky, called us.  He had just told his crew to take the morning off because of the weather.  But when her realized we were ready to go and anxious to be hauled out, he called them back in.  Great guy.  Plus we in a difficult spot to leave our boat until tomorrow.  
When we move the boat, we always close all the through hulls, where water comes in or goes out of the boat.  But since it was such a short distance, we didn’t bother.  Well, there’s a very good reason to close them.  After our boat was lifted out of the water, they used a pressure washer to clean the bottom of the boat.  They also spray water up into the through hulls to clear out any debris.  To my surprise, we had “gunk” in the galley that come up the sink through hull.  It was on the counter and even on the ceiling!!  Lesson learned.

Becky and Rob greeted us, even in the rain.  They offered to help with lines, but the owner only wants their crew helping.  I’m sure it’s a liability issue. 

They left the boat hanging in the “slings” of the haul out lift until the next day.  We just hung out on the boat, in the rain, until our VRBO was available about 2 miles from the boatyard.  People do stay on board in the boatyard, but we decided to get a comfortable place to shower, etc.  
Photos Feb 21
The description of the VRBO repeatedly mentioned that it was good for contractors.  We could see why.  It was really basic, not a “vacation home”.  But we were happy to have beds, a shower, a kitchen,  laundry, and comfortable living room chairs.  We didn’t even really care that there was a TV and only occasionally watched anything. 

The home was a duplex

there were 2 bedrooms with similar beds

There was a shower between 2 bathrooms

There was also a washer and dryer in the kitchen

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