Saturday, July 16, 2022

March 29, 2022 Day in Spanish Wells and lobster

Dave stayed at boat-chores, made water, did laundry, cleaned.  We would check with him through out  the day to see if I should him pick him up.  But he felt he was being productive.

I went to shore to tour the museum at 10:00 with Doerrs.  It was interesting how self sufficient Spanish Wells has always been.  They didn’t have electricity and plumbing until about 1950’s.  Fishing boats are owned by the entire crew, so they share all the profits (and expenses).  New crew are usually family or friends.

We had lunch at the snack vault, toured the town and did some shopping.  At 3:00, we went to Bernard’s fish dock to buy fresh fish.  Lobster season was closing in a few days, so he made 3 runs today for lobster and had a boat full.  While waiting, we were entertained by a manatee between the docks.  They also took coconuts out of a cooler and cut into the top and gave them to people for the coconut water.  






We bought 6 lobster tails, about 3.5 lbs total for about $70.  So about $20/lb and the freshest you’ll get without getting them yourself.  Since it was close to closing time at the grocery store, Juli & I headed there to get a few things to go with the lobster for dinner at their cottage.  The homemade pineapple cake was amazing.  

After an amazing dinner, I taught them how to play the card game What’s wild and was back to the boat before sunset.

Dave enjoying the lobster tail I brought back to the boat for him

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