Tuesday, July 5, 2022

February 16-23, 2022 boat projects and friends

Feb 16  We have now moved on to sewing the connecting piece between the bimini and dodger.  The bimini is the green sunbrella canvas and the dodger is the white hard top.  The entire piece has side curtains that will make an enclosure with windows to open.  We had to pattern the connector today.  Then Dave will cut out the pieces and finish the sewing.  


Feb 18
Over the years we have been at Brunswick Landing Marina, I have participated in various exercise groups at the clubhouse or walked with a group of ladies.  Since late December, a group of anywhere from 1-6 people have been “walking” to Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home YouTube videos.  We walk 3 miles to a beat that gives you a cardiac work out.  I love it!!  It feels like the old aerobics classes from the 80’s and 90’s.  You add side steps and kicks and arm movements over about 45 minutes.  And I feel it is something I can do on the boat in very little space.  I am getting her app now, but will purchase some videos for when we don’t have wifi, especially in the Bahamas.  I highly recommend them.  You can start at any level.  But her New York accent and laugh may be annoying to some people.  I find her very motivating.  

Feb 21
Another beautiful walk with friends and a stop for coffee. 

 Feb 21. Dave has finished sewing all the major pieces with zippers for the canvas work.  So my job today was to lubricate all the zippers with Snap-stick.  There are a lot of finishing touches to do, but the big pieces are finished.

We spent a few days cleaning the remnants of “permanent gorilla duck tape” off the side of the boat.  We had 4 missing windows during hurricane season.  We taped plastic over the windows from the inside with painter’s tape, but we used stronger plastic and permanent gorilla duct tape on the outside.  Luckily, we didn’t have any major storms this hurricane season.  The tape was easy to remove, but it left a lot of residue to clean off.  Dave researched a solvent that wouldn’t remove the fiberglass.  To start with, we used new pieces of the tape to stick to and pull off the old pieces from the hull.  TEDIOUS!! Then Dave would finish with a solvent we had to remove adhesive from isinglass made by 3M and bought from Sailrite.  The tape adhesive had stained the fiberglass,  so he had to buff the surface with a mild polishing compound.  One simple solution turned into a big headache to remove.  BUT, we didn’t have any leakage.  We would just describe our boat as the one with the pirate patches over the eye.  



wore a blister on my finger


bimini and dodger are looking good, and the windows
the usual suspects at the top of the dock solving all the world's problems

Feb 23
I met with some great friends for lunch on St Simon’s Island at the Mullet Bay restaurant.  Gina and I still live on our boats at the marina.  Nancy still has her boat at the marina preparing to sell it but lives in an apartment in Brunswick.  Dawn and Richard used to be on our dock but sold their boat about 2 years ago.  They are renting a vrbo home on St Simon’s long term while deciding where they want to settle.  Hope and Gil were on our dock for a couple years in the past.  They have sold their boat.  They have a home in northern Georgia, but are spending a few months on St Simon’s island in a condo. So it was like “old home week” and so fun to catch up with everyone.  

Gina, Mary, Hope, Nancy, Dawn

Richard and Dawn, Gil and Hope and Mocha

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