Wednesday, July 13, 2022

March 27, 2022 Touring and easting with Doerr's in Spanish Wells, Bahamas

 I had made plans to meet the Doerr’s to go to the Methodist Church this morning.  (No Catholic Church in Spanish Wells) Harold picked me up at the dock about 10:00 so I could throw our sheets and towels into their washing machine while we were at church.  What are good friends for??
After church and talking to Dave, I decided to spend some time on shore with Doerr’s while Dave did the usual after passage chores on the boat.  He made water and washed off the boat.  It’s good to rinse the boat and dodger and bimini to get the salt water off.  He filled the fuel tank with the fuel in the jerry cans so they would be ready to take to shore to be filled.  We prefer that instead of bringing our boat in to the dock for fuel.  Too many things can go wrong at a dock in tight quarters.    
After finishing my laundry, the 3 of us went to the Sandbar restaurant on Russel Island for a late lunch.  This is our favorite place.  But you have to have a golf cart to get there, or take a dinghy to their beach.  It has a beautiful setting on the beach, great food, and a waitress that remembers us, even after 3 years.  Hmmm.  Clarissa was engaged when we first met her and has now been married 5 years.  

Mary with Clarissa


We toured the island by golf cart before returning to Spanish Wells.  We had nice walk on the beach at the west end of the St George Cay that Spanish Wells in on.  

our anchorage

We went to the Shipyard restaurant at the east end of the island for dinner.  

It was taking awhile to get our dinner order, and it was getting darker, and I didn’t bring a flashlight.  I really didn’t plan on staying in town all day.  While we were waiting for our meal, Harold took the golf cart to their cottage to pick up my laundry and get me a flashlight.  When he returned, we had eaten, so Juli took me to the dock just as the sun was setting.  I made it back fine.  But I had sent Dave a message on his US phone number explaining that I was on my way, which he never got since that phone is turned off.  He was glad to see me arrive safely. 

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