Tuesday, July 12, 2022

March 24-25, 2022 Clean up then move to Lynyard Cay, Bahamas

3-24 We finally got our fishing permit online today after checking in on the 21st.  We had given them an outdated registration for our boat, so it took longer to correct that.  We used to have to have a special endorsement to spear fish, and we hadn’t seen that mentioned anywhere.  So Dave called the Bahamian Customs and asked about it.  He was told we didn’t heed to add spearfishing anymore.  Must have been too complicated with the new online system that’s supposed to make things easier.  Yes, it’s the Bahamas.
We did a few things today to transition from cold to warm weather.  Besides doing more laundry (we do pretty small loads), we rinsed our wool sweaters to get the salt off of them from sea spray before storing them.  
We stored our winter slippers, tennis shoes and deck shoes and brought out the Crocs, Tevas and Keens.
Dave cut his own hair on the swim platform.  Then I did the final trimming.  We learned early on to do this at the stern of the boat so the wind carries the hair off of the boat.  The cockpit needed a good rinsing to catch some of the hair and rinse the saltwater off of the floor after our passage.  It makes it slick.  As we were doing that, we ran out of water.  So you stop everything and start the water maker. 

Dave cleaned out the port lazerette.  There are cleaning supplies and fishing gear stored there.  He was able to throw away several things and actually had room to spare.  


 Next Dave cleaned rust off of the stern from metal shaving.  He had cut a link of chain and sharpened our gaff hook for fishing on the stern.  He used Starbrite oxalic acid, which works great and doesn’t hurt the fiberglass.  Unfortunately, he ran out of it before he could clean the deck.  
My siblings have been doing a monthly FaceTime chat.  We did a little practice and figured it would work with me being in the Bahamas.  FaceTime works on Apple products.  It uses wifi, so there is no charge, no matter what country you are in.  You just have to have a data plan.  The person calling me had to use my Bahamian phone number with a 1 in front of it for out of country.  So it worked.  Nice to see and talk to everyone.  

our boat at anchor, the different colors of the water are because of the depth or what's on the bottom, sand vs grass vs rocks

3-25. We woke up this morning at 6:00 with a squall that was rocking and rolling the boat.  Plus we need to close windows when it rains.  Since we were up, we listened to the weather at 6:30  on the SSB radio.  Then it was easy to go back to bed and sleep in.  We want to move the boat further south today within the Sea of Abaco.  There is one spot just south of where we are anchored that is really shallow.  High tide wasn’t until 3:00pm, so we had to wait until then to move south, so sleeping in was not an issue.  
It only took us about 2 hours to position ourselves at an anchorage near the last inlet to head out to sea.  We usually anchor on the west side of Lynyard Cay, just north of the inlet.  But since there were west winds tonight, we anchored across the channel at a cay west of Lynyard.   First time anchoring in this pretty spot.  And more calm than the usual anchorage further east and exposed to the west wind.  There were several other boats anchored in the area with the same idea.    

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