Thursday, July 14, 2022

March 28, 2022 snorkeling the wreck off of Littel Egg Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Today we brought our fuel jugs into town and met Doerrs at Pinders market.  We went to Eagles Landing for breakfast and enjoyed visiting with the owner about how their business survived the COVID shutdown.  She had a friend that had a nervous breakdown.  We were interested in seeing the museum on the island, something we have never done.  We set up our tour for 10:00 the next day.   
We dropped off Dave at Pinders to get fuel and take it back to the boat.  The 3 of us went to the Ponderosa Shell and gift shop.  Delroy remembered me, or pretended that he did, since I always bring our friends to shop at his place.  We bought books and jewelry and headed back to meet Dave at the dock.  

We all loaded up to head for a day on the water.  We moved the boat to Egg Island.  Our plan was to take the dinghy to snorkel the wreck off of Little Egg Island.  The dinghy ride was shorter from there.  We had a light lunch on the boat before heading out.  



Juli has an issue with her ears, so she stayed in the dinghy and was able to look overboard through our “lookie bucket”.  It’s a bucket with plexiglass in the bottom to give you a clear view underwater. 

Juli looking through the lookie bucket

Dave, Harold and I snorkeled as Dave pulled the dinghy over the area we swam.  The Arimoroa MV was a Lebanese freighter that caught fire and was beached in shallow water to save the crew in the 1970's.  The wreck is pretty impressive.  Besides seeing all kinds of boat parts, there are schools of fish living near the wreck, including barracudas, which we saw towards the end of our swim.  Didn’t see any sharks today.

Harold and Dave





a grouper in the center
this part extends above the water

2 barracuda probably 3-4 feet long, but we kept our distance
hermit crab

horse conch shell
On the way back to the boat, Dave and Harold spearfished off of Little Egg island while Juli and I followed them around to pick up their catch.
Dave and Harold diving for fish of Little Egg island
the one that got away

Harold, Juli and I took the dinghy to shore on Egg Island to explore and play on the beach while Dave cooked chicken for dinner on the boat.  After a nice dinner, we moved the boat back to Spanish Wells about sunset.  Dave took Doerrs back to shore in the dark.  We saw a fishing boat pass us on it’s way into Spanish Wells.  They saw it docked in town and witnessed all the families coming to great their husbands/sons that were returning after several weeks at sea. 

our boat from the beach

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