Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 3, 2019 Work day at Great Sale Cay

Today was boat maintenance day.  We started a load of laundry.  First they soak in the soapy bucket, then we wring them out and put them in a rinse bucket.  Then we wring them out to hang to dry.   Dave has been good about wringing out the clothes.  It gets hard on my hands (at least that’s what he thinks). 
wash bucket and load ready to hang
nice wind for laundry
Dave got out the hookah system and dove the hull in this nice clear water.  He changed the zincs.  These should last awhile because we don’t stay in marinas in the Bahamas.  That’s were there is a lot of stray current that eats away the metal of the zinc instead of our prop and shaft.   He also cleaned the through hulls again. 
old zincs
Dave checked the through hulls.  He found larger shells, different than barnacles.  He decided to remove the scoop off the raw water intake for the water maker to clean it.  That may help the water maker run better.  As he was doing this, he dropped a screw.  The water was clear, but the bottom was so soft that it sank right into the sand.  That just became a project for another day. 

Once he was back in the boat, we switched using the generator for the hookah to using it to run the water maker.  It was running great that day. 

In between hanging clothes and flipping them on the line and bringing them in, Alice and I played a dice game, 5000.  Cards are hard to play in the cockpit with a constant breeze. 
playing 5000 dice game between loads of laundry
Dave grilled the BEST hamburgers for dinner that night.

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