Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 1, 2019 Bahamas bound

I remembered to call my “coffee girls” this morning.  They meet every Friday morning in Rapid City, SD.  I wanted to say hello and good bye, since I won’t call them while we’re in the Bahamas.  It’s always fun to hear their voices.

Next I called the Capital One Master Card.   Phyllis was very helpful.  She started the claim and talked me through how everything would proceed.  She said it takes months to get the information back and forth between the rental agency and them.  And not to be surprised if this takes 6 months to settle.  So not to worry about leaving for the Bahamas.  Anything they need from me, they will request online.  This put our minds at ease.  I then cancelled my claim through VISA, duh. 

We all showered then refilled our aft water tank with marina water.  We keep the forward tank for our water maker.  We left the marina shortly after the 11:00 check out time.  It was a fairly calm day.  Heading out the inlet was pretty comfortable.  2 years ago we were rocking pretty hard bow to stern like a hobby horse.  Alice handled it fine. 
ready to leave the marina
our channel out to the ICW then the inlet to the ocean
found a stow away
We were so busy getting ready to leave that we didn’t even have breakfast.  I made us sandwiches.  Food always tastes better outside, maybe because more senses are awakened.  There were 4-6 foot swells on the water.  The wind was on our nose, so we motored the whole way.  We just had a gentle rise and fall with the swells.  If we put up sails, we would have been on a heel.  We figured that might have made it harder for Alice to keep her balance.  So we were fine with motoring. 
settling in
the cruise ship on the horizon looked much bigger in person
a big one got away with part of Dave's fishing gear
I put together a tuna casserole and just left it in the oven until we were ready to heat it for dinner.  It was good to have a bland meal.  Spicy things can upset your stomach.  Everyone loved it.  We were in the Gulf Stream by then.  It moves us north a bit, but we correct that once we exit the Stream.
sunset on our first day
About 7:30, I went below to sleep while Dave took the first watch.  Alice laid down outside, but came below about 10:30.  By that time, we were in the Little Bahamas Bank.  It averages 15 foot depth, so the waters are pretty calm. 

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