Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 12, 2019 Nancy Sundstrom arrived/Alice's last night

This morning, we moved into Marsh Harbor.  After anchoring, a family with 2 kids stopped by to say hello.  We had met Chris, Margaret, Lilly and Miles on Magnolia while we were in Brunswick, GA.  It was so fun to hear of their adventures. 
Chris, Margaret, Lilly and Miles from Magnolia 423 Beneteau
I went to shore about 1:00 to pick up my friend, Nancy Sundstrom from Groton, SD.  She is going to spent some time with us on the boat.  I met her at the Conch Inn.  Our favorite taxi driver, Rinssor, picked her up at the airport.  We took her luggage to the boat and had lunch with Alice and Dave.  Since the weather was supposed to be bad tomorrow, Nancy and I headed back to shore to pick up groceries.  We went to the Bahamian Telephone company to get her a SIM card for her phone.  Then we walked to Maxwell’s grocery store.  We loaded up, so took a taxi back to the dinghy dock. 
Mary, Rinssor, Nancy
your chariot awaits
first dinghy ride
grocery run waiting for taxi and checking in with family
We unloaded the groceries onto the boat and headed back to shore to hit the liquor store.  We won’t be near another town for over a week.  And we had to stock up for St Patrick’s Day.  We forgot to take extra bags, but we were able to pack a case of beer and a bottle of Jamison into our back packs. 
where there's a will, there's a way
we can do this
On the way back, we found a ripe coconut on the road and brought it back to the boat.  Nancy and I got busy putting groceries away and making a spaghetti dinner for Alice’s last night.  During this time, a boater that we met a couple years ago stopped by.  Don Quackenbush was from Mexico, New York.  Alice was born and grew up there.  They knew a lot of common people and really enjoyed visiting.

Dave cleaned the coconut and it was perfect.
Alice had been craving a coconut the whole time she was here.
the coconut water was perfect
Nancy had to make her own bed in our "garage"

We had a great dinner together and spent the evening playing the dice game 5000 in the cockpit.  Fun last night.

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