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May 31, 2016 Flo's Conch Bar on Little Harbour Cay

I went for a swim off of our boat today.  I saw more conch, but we decided we had enough in our freezer.  Yes, you can freeze conch!  There were both the common conch and the one we were calling king conch.  I saw turtles and stingrays.  But after a couple circles around the area, I got tired of a remora following me looking for a chance to attach to me for a free ride.  I turned and kicked my fins in it’s face  a couple times and it would leave for awhile, but then he’d be back again.  Takes the fun out of being in the water. 

We made water today and showered before our big date.  We took the dinghy over to Flo’s Conch Bar by 4:00.  We wanted to eat early and return before dark.  We were the only two customers the whole time we were there.  They had several different conch as decorations.  So I asked Chester what the one was called that we found at Egg Island.  He called it a queen helmet conch.  The shell does resemble a helmet.  Then we asked about eating them.  He said they don’t eat the helmet conch.  We didn’t ask why, because I was afraid I’d be sick thinking about the ones we had eaten.   

Lovely was our hostess and server. Chester was the cook.  They said their busy time is in the summer when people come to their vacation homes on the islands, and over the holidays.  Lovely goes into Great Harbor for provisions, but they never close.  They are open whenever they can get the business.  The yard was full of ducks, chickens, cats and dogs.  The bathroom was in a separate building.  You walked through the animals to get to it.  Dave visited with Chester about what there was to see in the Berries and about fishing.  He recommended going to the Blue Hole on Hoffman’s Cay, which I had read about in our Waterway Guidebook.  And he told him he could spear fish in any of the inlets between the islands.  He also let us look at his Windfinder app on his phone.  It looked like we weren't going to get higher winds until Monday or Tuesday.  That will give us a few days to explore and play around before we have to tuck in somewhere.  These islands are small, so there aren’t a lot of places to hide from the wind, especially if it is from the west. 

We ordered broiled mahi mahi and their conch fritters.  We had to have some conch.  They served the mahi with peas and rice and coleslaw.  We were a little disappointed in the mahi.  It seemed more like it was boiled, not broiled.  Maybe we read the menu wrong.  We put our names and boat name on a Bahamian dollar bill to attach to the ceiling, along with others (didn’t have a US $1).  It was a fun, interesting place to go, but not a “must see” in my book.
//Flo’s from 30th & 31st

just one of the piles of conch shells

walk way up to Flo's

Lovely serving Gin and tonic

restroom was in separate building across the yard with the ducks

dinner with slices of green pepper over the mahi

view back towards Flo's from the bathroom

we had a neighbor when we returned to our boat

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