Tuesday, April 13, 2021

March 28-April 13, 2021 Easter Sunday on a GA farm

On Easter Sunday, April 4, Dave, Pete and I drove to Stillson, GA to see marina friends that live on a farm.  It’s about 90 miles away.  Lorie and Lehman have a “hobby farm”.  They have chickens, turkeys, goats, one full sized horse, several miniature horses, 3 dogs and bee hives.  Lorie brings eggs and honey to the marina for us.  Lorie’s parents, a niece and 2 friends were also there.  We had a great low country boil in the low country of Georgia.  It had potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage and shrimp.  Yummy

Peter's Easter basket

Peter. Dave and Lehman

the chef

Lorie's mom and a friend

I haven't gathered eggs in YEARS!

the grey one in the center left is a guinea chicken

low country boil with potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp

After dinner, we all played with the bees.  There was a swarm of bee with a new queen in the bushes near the hives.  Lorie collects them into one of the hives before they leave to find a new home.  We all took turns holding the bees in our hands.  I was the 4th person and I think they had had enough.  I mistakenly started to close my hand around the bees and was stung on at finger and thumb.  It wasn’t bad, but that was enough.  It was pretty cool to watch Lorie handle them.

Lorie dressed for work. I have the hat on for the photo





 To keep my sanity, I would go back to the marina to play cards a couple times a week.  2 girlfriends and I decided to drive to Kingsland, GA to eat at a local southern restaurant.  We stopped at a nature walk along a river at Woodbine, GA.   

 While we were at the hotel, one of our credit cards was "compromised".  We had used it for the collision and damage insurance on our rental card.  So I called the credit card company about 6 days later to check on whether the insurance was still in effect.  They said it would be, but we didn't have that benefit with this card.  Well, we used to!!  She said several banks dropped that as a benefit February 1.  Dave said we get updates with changes yearly, so he probably didn't see that.  I went straight to Enterprise and changed the credit card so we could have insurance coverage.  We don't have a car, so we only have a liability policy for non car owners.  Thank goodness we didn't have an accident and made the switch. 

We had our fill of TV, not something we miss.

Mary, Nancy, Rhonda

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