Sunday, April 11, 2021

February 9-13, 2021 Brownsville, TX condo and sights

We enjoyed our pool several days with Janice leading us in water aerobics, then soaking up some sun.  




As we were driving back to our hotel one day, I realized our condo was about 4 blocks from a border crossing to Mexico.  


We were at the blue dot on the right

tents set up on the Mexican side
My 65th birthday was Wednesday, February 10.  We went out for a nice seafood dinner that night.  The staff sang happy birthday to me and gave me a free piece of pecan pie.  It was a great day.  

Janice made guacamole with fresh market ingredients


missing my hugs from Dave

We knew Thursday was going to be rainy, so we scheduled massages for the 3 of us.  What a nice treat.  Afterwards, we drove past SpaceX, the private space station owned by Elon Musk.




building the next rocket
we drove past SpaceX to find the water


unusual cactus

We rented the condo until Saturday, but we had decided to take Janice back to Donna, TX on Friday, spend the night at their RV park and head back to Oklahoma on Saturday and Sunday.  On Thursday, Bev talked to her son back in OK.  He said if we didn’t make it back to OK by Saturday night, we wouldn’t make it back for another week.  I guess we hadn’t been paying attention to the statewide weather.  He was right!!

Had fun with the monkeys throughout the week!



 We packed up Friday morning and drove along the Mexican border to see “the wall”.  We dropped off Janice and headed north.  There had already been some pile ups of automobiles with icy roads in the cities, so we took the scenic tour halfway up the state on Friday.  On Saturday, we checked with the Texas Department of Transportation and got the go ahead to travel through Dallas.  We made it back to OK in time to have dinner at our favorite German restaurant in Norman, OK.  

Jim and Janice at their rental in Donna, TX

we were a little worried when we saw the frost in the trees and on the grass and tracks going into the ditch

one of the few places in the United States where you can get German beer by the liter

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