Tuesday, April 13, 2021

March 23-27, 2021 2 Way Fish Camp boatyard and friends from MN

 March 23-we had a brief surprise visit from our cousin, John Zeller, from Ohio.  He as working in Kingsland, GA again and had half a day to kill before flying home.  Nice to see him again.

Dave, John, Mary and Pete.  The sunlight hit John's forehead and made it look like he was wearing a sweatband

That Tuesday afternoon, we moved our boat to Darien, GA.  We made plans with a boatyard, 2 Way Fishcamp to do some fiberglass work for us.  They estimated they could do the work in May. But last week they called and said “bring the boat over”.  We have a 6 foot bank of 3 windows across the ceiling of our salon that do not open.  They are for extra light only.  We had it replaced when we bought the boat because of a leak.  Over the years, we have repaired leaks several times.  We were planning to have it replaced a second time in the 8 years we have owned the boat.  After looking at several Beneteau forums online, we came to the realization that this is a problem with all Beneteau’s.  Several people opted to remove the window and place fiberglass.  We found a good fiberglass man in the area that thought it would be an easy solution.  So here we are.  It takes about 5 hours to get to Darien from the Brunswick Landing Marina.  Since we had a late start, we anchored close to Darien along the ICW.  It was great being at anchor again.

This is the car transporter ship that capsized in September of 2019.  It is being cut into pieces, welded to barges and shipped to Louisiana for scrap metal.  The large arch picks up the cut piece and puts it onto the barge.  The red is the bottom of the boat as it lays on it's side


caught the sunset from the helm as Dave is dropping the anchor

 On Wednesday, March 24, we brought our boat into the boatyard.  They lifted it out and put it in boat stands in the boatyard.  We could have stayed on the boat, but it wouldn’t be very comfortable, especially with them working on it.  

Heading to the boatyard
Dave was a little concerned that the current would take us right under that bridge-the mast doesn't clear that bridge

They had us tie up to the dock and wait for high tide to lift us out

the dock hands "bent us around" the corner of the dock.  Dave would prefer to motor away from the dock and then into the lift channel, but it's their boatyard.  They just walked the boat to the channel and turned it to the right to go under the blue framed lift
always scary to see your boat hanging in the slings


it always amazes me on how they can maneuver the lift around the boatyard



we were parked right next to Slapshot on the right.  He is our neighbor on dock 9 at Brunswick Landing Marina.  John is a hockey player, hence the name

we've been watching the bottom paint above the galley sink through hull.  We've been told Dawn dishsoap is removing the paint.

The first few days were spent with friend’s from U of Minnesota dental school, Diane Zimmerman and Mike Schadd.  Diane had just sold her dental practice and retired the end of 2020.  They had been in Florida and were heading back north.  Diane had found a nice VRBO house for all of us in Brunswick.  She made a nice pasta dinner for us the first night.

On Thursday, we toured Jekyll Island, a must do in the area.  When we arrived at Driftwood beach there was fog, which gave it an eerie look.  After driving around the island, we had a drink on the veranda at the Jekyll Island Club hotel, our favorite spot.  

Diane Zimmerman and Mike Schadd
Dave, Mary, Diane

Mike, Diane, Mary, Dave

on the veranda of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

We left the island and drove to Darien to have the best local shrimp at Skipper’s Fish Camp.



On Friday, Dave checked on the boat while the rest of us had a lazy day at the VRBO.  The guys picked up BBQ from Willie Jewell’s and brought it back to the house.  We had so much fun reminiscing and telling stories.

Diane and Mike headed north on Saturday.  We settled into a Best Western suite for the duration of the boat work. 

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