Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Janurary 3, 2016 Church and other boats anchored out

Jan 3, 2016
This morning, Dave took me to the dinghy dock landing about a mile from the catholic church.  It thought I was doing good getting there at 10:50 for the 11:00 mass.  Then I saw the sign out front say the mass was at 10:45 and when I reached the door, they were singing the processional hymn.  Good thing I over estimated the time it would take. 

After church and walking back, Dave picked me up.  It really felt good to go for a walk.  We stopped at another boat in the anchorage that we recognized.  The boat belonged to a man we met in the Abacos last winter.  He was crew for us in the race we participated in.  We visited about an hour about where we both had been since last April and what our future plans were.  He is going to help crew a boat with a couple he met from England.  They just passed through the Panama canal.  He is going to join them there then sail to the islands in the south Pacific with them.  There are all kinds of opportunities out there. 

Ok, here is a funny story of another boat in the anchorage.  While I was at church, Dave was sitting in the cockpit working on the computer.  He noticed a power boat anchored up wind from us that was dragging anchor and heading towards our boat.  He was about to sound a horn to get the boater's attention when he saw a guy come up buckling his pants.  He moved the boat further away from us and reset the anchor just by dropping it straight down, not really setting the anchor, and headed below again.  Well Dave figured the guy was just going to the bathroom and stopping only long enough to do that.  Well it started dragging anchor and moving near us again, because he didn't really set the anchor.  All the while, Dave sees his head popping up occasionally to check where they were positioned.  Pretty soon the guy comes up again bucking his pants and right after him a lady appears.  They bring up the anchor and take off.  I guess this is where you have a "quickie" on Lake Worth.

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