Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 2, 2016 Good bye to good friends

After a a casual morning, we went to shore about 10:30 with the Killion’s small amount of luggage.  Bob and Olivia had friends at Sanibel marina near Cape Coral that called yesterday to discuss their boat problems.  Their air conditioner’s sea water pump had gone bad.  Bob had a spare and wondered if Brian and Jackie could take it home with them.  Then their friend would pick it up.  No problem.

Then to be sociable, and as a thank you for letting the Killion’s be their guest so they could park at the marina, we all played a game of Chase the Ace for $1 per person.  The Killions had fun learning the game.  But it was taking too long to play it to completion.  So we decided to let the person with the highest card win with the next hand.  Olivia won!  She seems to be so lucky with this game.  And she gets such joy out of playing it (and winning). 

We were going to go to Walmart and lunch before the Killions had to leave at 2:00.  Since it was now a little later, we just went out for lunch.  Then they dropped us off and headed home. 

We headed back to the boat and hung out with no brain projects.  Dave sat outside to try to get a better wifi connection and updated charts.  I worked on clearing up my photos.  After going though so many extra hard copy photos before moving aboard, I am trying to stay on top of deleting photos on my phone and in the computer.  Plus it takes up so much storage on either of them.

Brian ended up delivering the part to the friends in Sanibel.  They had to pick up a car that was being worked on and he was close anyway.  He enjoyed touring their $480,000 boat that was for sale.  It was a power yacht with 3 cabins, a full kitchen, full living room and a huge navigation area inside.  It's fun to see how some of these people live.

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