Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 11-12, 2016 Lake Worth waiting game

Monday, Jan 11
Well, after listening to Chris Parker’s forecast, we are preparing to settle in for the week.  The next crossing without a north wind component (which fights the Gulf Stream) isn’t until Saturday.

Bob and Olivia, back at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach called to see if we were still here and if we wanted to come back north to join them again.  Dave asked “aren’t you tired of the human barnacles?” 

It’s amazing how much dust and hair accumulates on this little floor space.  I guess if you were in a house, it would spread through out the house.  Just random thoughts going through my head.  I bet anyone reading this can’t wait until we have adventures at sea again. 

Tuesday Jan12
Dave checked the hull again, mostly the prop.  It looked pretty good, but he coated it with Lanocoat to see if it will stop the growth of barnacles on it. 

I started a new book.  This waiting game to cross is strange.

A catamaran from Brunswick came into our anchorage today, Liz and Craig.  They left St Augustine at 7:30 yesterday morning and came all the way here on the ocean in about 28 hours.  That sure beats 5 days on the ICW.  Their mast is too tall to go under the 65 foot fixed bridges.  That’s the problem with bigger boats.  They said they didn’t plan to be on the ICW much.  They have spent several years in the Caribbean.  And now they are heading to the South Pacific.  We hope to follow in their wake someday. 

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