Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 13, 2016 West Palm Beach city marina

Liz and Craig, from Brunswick, came by the boat today.  I heard Liz yell “Mary” and went outside to visit.  They were moving to a marina in the area.  But hearing her call my name reminded me of being a child and someone calling you to come out and play.

Today we moved the boat south a few miles to be near the city docks in West Palm Beach.  We caught the 1:15 opening of the Flagler Memorial Bridge.  We anchored on the east side of the ICW near where we anchored last March.  There is another boat from Brunswick, GA here, Gloria and Mike.  They gave us their local knowledge on anchoring here.   They are from this area and spend a lot of time here over the holidays with family.  They are planning to leave for the Bahamas soon, too. 

We usually anchor with our bow pointing into the wind.  We had a north wind but a strong south flowing current.  So I think our boat rotated 360 degrees while we were trying to set our anchor.  Dave finally put out a chunk of chain, waited about 30 minutes for it to settle, then went back out to back up on the anchor to set it. 

Gloria, Liz and I were the main net controllers for the cruiser’s net this summer in Brunswick.  So it is fun seeing them again. 

Dave put the dinghy in and put the small 2.5 hp Lehr propane motor on the dinghy.  It’s much easier to handle, and we didn’t have to go far.  About 4:00, we headed to shore to take our garbage to a public trash can and to get groceries. 

There was a Publix grocery store about 3-4 blocks inland on a free trolly route.  We decided to walk there, but took the trolley back.  There is every kind of restaurant imaginable and a big shopping area with a movie theater all within a few blocks of the shore.  We were impressed.  The gang of teenagers with skate boards even looked clean cut. 

When we got back to the dinghy, Dave realized a bolt in the transom mount that holds the Lehr motor onto the dinghy was broken.  So when we got back to the boat, Dave researched where we could find a hardware store.  That will be a project over the next couple days. 

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