Saturday, March 28, 2020

September 7-17, 2019 Readjusting to life on the boat

We picked up a rental car and started getting our life back in order.  On Monday 9-9, we were running errands.  After the fourth stop, we noticed damage to the passenger side front door of the rental car, as if someone had tried to pry it open.  We reported it to Enterprise.  We assumed it was done the night before, not in broad daylight.  When we filed a police report, they said it happens all the time in broad daylight.  I had left my purse on the floor of the passenger seat, so that made sense.  The place that we noticed the damage had a security camera, and we were parked right by it.  They checked and didn’t see anyone approach the car while it was there.  So lesson learned.  Don’t leave a purse in sight even during the day.
We found a car for Pete at the marina.  Friends on our dock had a 2002 Kia Sportage that Pete bought.  Yippee!  Now we can use it, too. 
yeah! the boat survived another hurricane
pulled the Kube game out of storage to play at the marina

nice welcome back

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