Saturday, March 28, 2020

October 28-November 5 Dave's mom's visit

Oct 28-Nov 5
Dave’s mom was able to spend a week with us in Georgia.  We had to put away our projects for the week, especially because we needed the dinette table for her bed.  She was greeted on our dock by a visiting manatee. 

After arriving, Alice and I and our friend, Pati, went on a hunt for simple Halloween costumes.  We went to the GoodWill store and our storage unit.  Pati and I put together a few things.  I just used the Mardi Gras colors with a jester’s hat to represent our boat “Luck of a Fool”.  We ended up dressing Alice in a mix of the pirate costumes that Dave and I had in storage.  She looked great!!
enjoying happy hour.  Becky fell in love with Alice
On Halloween, we decorated our dock and cut pumpkins with other people on our dock.  We have a 10 year old boy, Jacob, that Dave likes to tease.  There are about a dozen kids on boats here at this time.  They walked from dock to dock trick or treating.  Anyone from our dock that wanted to participate was at the top of the dock.  Much safer than trying to go from boat to boat. 

The marina throws a Halloween party for us.  They provide pizza, beer, wine and punch.  Others bring something to share.  Dave and Pete had been planning their costume for over a month.  They were in the running for the best costume.  Somehow, they came up with the idea to both be cupid.  They bought wings and the bow and arrows online.  I found a sheet at Good Will that they cut in half and designed the “diaper” for the rest of the costume.  They were a hit. 

Cupid and Cupider
Pati and Fred

Rob and Becky

Friday, November 1
Dave, Alice, Pete and I went on a seafood tour of the low country near Brunswick, GA.  We went to our favorite spots for oysters, shrimp, clams and more oysters.  We added alligator bites and a couple desserts to top off the day.

oysters upon oysters

Saturday, November 2
The four of us went to Woodbine, GA with 2 other couples from the marina.  We had dinner at Captain Stan’s, known for their ribs.  And then we went to the Woodbine Opry.  Every Saturday night, retired professional musicians play old country western music.  Alice loved it!  We all had a great time.

 Sunday, November 3
Alice joined me at church and sang in the choir.  She had met our priest, Father Tim, on the airplane from Atlanta to Brunswick.  He was so glad to said hello after mass.
We had a lazy day watching the Vikings vs the Packers football game at the clubhouse.

Monday, November 4
We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a dinghy ride today.

Tuesday, November 5
The week flew by and Alice headed back home today.  She really enjoys her visits to the boat and the marina.

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