Saturday, February 6, 2016

January 28, 2016 Marsh Harbor shopping and Netherland sailors

free dinghy dock in Marsh Harbor. also the ferry dock to go to Great Guana Cay

After breakfast we were off to shore in our dinghy.  It’s nice for me to go along, just for the walk.  It seems strange to go a couple days without walking anywhere.  Imagine staying in one room of your house for a couple days. 

We first stopped at a marine parts store.  There we picked up a lighter weight fishing line that Dave was looking for.  But they had some dive accessories, too.  Dave had just noticed that the heal strap on my fins were looking weak, so we found 2 new ones.  And we seem to be missing one of the weights for our weight belt that we use with our Airline Hookah system.  They had the 2 lb pouch that was perfect. 

After finding what we needed at the electrical store, we stopped at a liquor store to start looking at prices and availability for our future guests.  They had a special on a brand of wine we have never tried, buy 2 get one free, so we HAD to buy 3 bottles. 

At the dinghy dock, Dave introduced me to a couple from the Netherlands that he had met earlier this week.  We decided to take a tour of the harbor before returning to our boat.  When we went by the boat from the Netherlands, they invited us aboard to see their boat.  Their boat is for sale, so they were anxious to show it to us.  Their Gulfstar and everything on it is for sail.  John and Yolanda need to return to working and build up their cruising kitty.  They have been doing that over that last 15 years, rotating work and cruising.  But now they want to sell the boat and start over when they can.  Their website is  In our conversation, we talked about Bermuda.  Yolanda brought out a cruiser’s guide for Bermuda to clarify something.  Then she explained that they published the cruiser’s guide!  People can buy them online.  I guess I need to check their website to see what else they have done. 

Back at the boat, we seemed to waste away the day doing as little as possible. 

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