Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 2, 2016 Exploring Hopetown and the Light house

We left a hand held VHF radio at the cottage.  I told them about the cruiser’s net and that we would contact them by radio after the net.  We had shown Don how to operate the radio.  During the net, the net controller asks if there are any new arrivals or any departures.  So I  welcomed my family and friends that arrived and were spending a week in Hopetown.  So the net controller welcomed them too.  We called them afterwards.  They had been listening and thought the whole net was pretty cool, even the welcome to the island.  The weather sounded like it would be better sailing on Thursday.  So we reserved 6 person golf cart for Wednesday to tour the island.  There aren’t many of those, so we were advised to reserve one.  All they needed was the name of the cabin where they were staying to reserve it.  

Dave and I headed into town in our dinghy.  Inside the Harbor, we saw a boat that had been anchored near us called Namaste.  Dave noticed that there were 3 women on the boat and that it was from MN.  So he wanted to meet them.  It’s rare to see only women on a boat.  They were in their cockpit, so we stopped there to introduce ourselves.  The 3 women were a mother, daughter and a niece.  As we were visiting about our boats and how long we’ve been on them, somehow the owner mentioned that she was a dentist.  Then we found out she graduated from the U of Minn a year before I did.  So we must have met each other during the years we were both there.  And the more I talked to her, she did seem familiar.  Another small world experience!

We met everyone at at the sailing club dock this morning.  I stayed in town to give the “city tour” and Dave went back to boat to clean the hull.  He’s not much of a tourist.We took the free shuttle across the harbor from the Gov’t dock, which is in front of the Post office,  to the Hopetown Inn and Marina. We toured the grounds, then walked to to the lighthouse on a path through the trees and the boat yard of the Lighthouse Marina.  I thought it would be a little more direct.  But it was a nice hike.  We all climbed the light house.  The view is spectacular.  And we could see our boat.  Afterwards, we visited their gift shop and one at the lighthouse marina before walking back to the Hopetown Inn and Marina.  We sat at their outdoor bar and enjoyed a couple adult beverages.  It was a beautiful day. 
from light house, our boat is next to the dark hulled boat, second from left
ferry entering the harbor

fun to tour with Curious George
Bev figured out how they wind the lighthouse every 2 hours
Don, Linda, Bev, Kaye at Hopetown Inn & Marina
getting silly with umbrella drinks

We took the shuttle back across the harbor and got off at the dock for the Hopetown Lodge.  We walked through their beautiful property to the beach.  We walked along the beach and some rocks all the way back to cottage. 
walking the beach back to the cottage
front of cottage

They had gone to the other grocery store this morning, Vernon’s, and found out that he makes fresh pies every day.  They are ready by 3:00.  So a couple people walked there to get a fresh
key lime pie.  And some of us went to the liquor store for beer.  It didn’t take us long to tackle and devour that pie. 
key lime pie and Guinness

We went to Captain Jacks about 4:30 for their happy hour and 2 tacos for $5.00 on Tuesdays.  Dave met us there.  Since we were hungry, we ordered the seafood platter and conch fritters to share as an appetizer for all of us.  When 5:00 rolled around, we ordered our tacos.  For some reason, they didn’t have the fish ones tonight, only beef.  We had been bragging about the fish tacos all day.  But everything was very good.  They also had 2 for 1 margaritas, which most of us enjoyed. 
Bev and Don with margaritas
Kaye and Mary
Linda and Dave
love that look

We were sitting outside which allowed us to watch the lighting of the light house.  It was especially fun after touring it today.  It is one of only 3 working kerosine light houses still in use.  And it is manned by volunteers that have to wind it every 2 hours all night long. 

We all walked back to the cottage and enjoyed the stars from the front deck and visited for awhile before Dave and I headed back to boat by 8:00.  He was tired from swimming today.  But he liked the how clean the prop looked after putting Lanocoat on it back in Florida. 

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