Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 4, 2016 sail to Guana Cay, Abacos and Nippers

The Rooster cottage had no water this morning.  There was a public restroom just down the hill at the Post Office, which they used.  And Don had filled a waste basket with water from there to flush their toilet.  They had some bottled water, so were able to wash their faces and brush their teeth.  Rabanette was on it and had it working before we left for the day. 

Today was our “day at sea”.  I came in alone with the dinghy.  We were able to load all four of them into the dingy.  Before we left the cottage, I drew a map of the dinghy and explained where people would sit.  So we discussed who would sit where and which order to get into the dingy.  I pulled up to the sailing club’s dock because they have a ramp for loading instead of having to climb down a ladder and into the dinghy.  It went pretty smooth and off we went out of the harbor and to our anchored boat.  Everyone made it out of the dinghy and onto the boat just fine. 

I gave them all a tour of the boat, then we raised the anchor and set off for Man of War to tour a different island by about 10:00.  We used the spinnaker sail on our way to Man of War.  We were having so mush fun sailing that we continued on to Great Guana Cay.  They say you should always write your sailing plans in the sand at high tide. 
instructor Dave
even Linda was out on the deck

Kaye tying a figure 8

Don raising the spinnaker


Mary and Kaye

Mary and Bev

Change of plans.  We decided to go to Nippers on Great Guana Cay.  We anchored in Fisher’s Bay and took the dinghy to shore in two trips along with our snorkel gear.  We landed on the beach and had to step in the water to get to shore.  This way we avoided the tall ladder docks again.  I called the “Nipper mobile” to pick us up.  It is a golf cart.  We had to make two trips with the cart through the little town and up the hill to the other side of the island.  It was about 4 city blocks, but fun to ride. 

It was about 12:30 and we were all hungry, so we had lunch sitting at a table overlooking their beautiful beach.  After lunch we took their stairway down to the beach.  We enjoyed walking the beach and into the water.  But we all agreed that the water was too cold and the waves were kind of rough to snorkel here. 

second trip arriving on the Nipper Mobile

Kaye in heaven

sibling love

Don and Linda

Mary and Bev

Kaye, Dave, Mary, Bev, Linda, Don
 We took the Nipper mobile back to the dinghy on the beach at Grabbers.  It was nice and calm, so we decided to snorkel right there. We had gear for 3 people, so Don, Bev and Kaye all snorkeled.  I waded into the water and used our clear bottom bucket to look for any sea life.  I found out we had a hole in the bottom of the bucket where the plexi glass is sealed to the bucket.  One more project for Dave. 

There wasn’t much to see, but they enjoyed playing in the water.  Right before getting out of the water, Kaye and Bev saw a stingray.  That made their day. 

cat paradise

snorkeling Fisher's Bay

beach on Great Guana Cay

Don cant get enough

We motor sailed back to Elbow Cay at about 4:00.  We cooked sweet potatoes in the oven on the way.   We were back about 6:00, just after sunset and anchored on the west side of the island again.  We grilled steaks to have with our sweet potatoes and baked beans.  We also threw together an awesome salad.  I don’t get enough salads.  For dessert, I pulled out the nut roll I had made with our mother’s recipe.  My brother and sister didn’t remember it.  So it must have been something she started doing after they left home.  But everyone loved it.  This was the first time we have had 6 people for dinner on our boat.  Cozy, but fun.

Captain Don, not to be confused with Captain Ron

dinner on our boat
Don and Linda were leaving at 8:00 in the morning by ferry for Marsh Harbor to fly home.  So we said our good bye’s before they left.  It was so fun having them visit and see how we live.  We all had a great time together.  Dave took Bev, Don and Linda back to the cottage.  Kaye spent the night on the boat.  It was something she wanted to experience.  She helped me with the dishes, which was great because they wouldn’t have all fit in my dish drainer, as usual.

After getting her bed ready at the dining room table, she and I sat out in the cock pit and sipped a glass of my home made kahlua.  She thought it was pretty cool to see the light house from a different angle. 

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