Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 8, 2014 America's oldest Catholic Parish

 Happy Birthday to my brother, Don, and brother-in-law, Jim!!

I started out the day being able to walk to church at the oldest Catholic parish in the US.  In 1565, Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed and proclaimed this site for Spain and the Church.  They celebrated mass and began America’s first Mission.  The Cathedral was built in 1797 and is home of America’s oldest Catholic Parish.  It was beautiful, but much simpler than most European cathedrals. The organ was amazing.  Justin in Rapid City would have loved it. 

I then found a Greek and Polish market to take lunch back to Dave at the boat.  I bought a phyllo/filo dough pastry with feta cheese and one with spinach and feta.  I also bought baklava.  Fun treat!

This afternoon, we organized everything we would need to take with us to become residents of Fl.  We would hate to rent a car, drive about 30 miles, and forget something.  We also planned what other errands we would need to do while we have a car for 24 hours.  You don’t want to waste any time.  We need to go to a marine supply store and hit a Walmart for incidentals and groceries (one stop).  So I looked up their locations to map things out. 

I didn’t mention it, but on Friday, I made red beans using our thermos.  I soaked the beans overnight.  Then I brought the beans to a boil, then cooked the beans for 10 minutes.  Then you place then in a thermos for 3 hours (or more depending on the quality of your thermos).  So today, Dave made cajun red beans which we ate over rice.  We also learned to cook rice conserving  energy.  Bring it to a boil, cook 5 minutes and shut off.  Leave lid in place for 30 minutes.  Cooks just fine.  We also do this with pasta.  He also grilled brats.  The leftovers went in the red beans. 

Before going to the grocery store tomorrow, I wanted to check out our spices and our freezer.  I took all of our spices off of our rack, checked each one for freshness (smelled them), consolidated where needed, then documented them in my phone app What’s on my Boat.  I also made note of the ones I have stored. 

I had a pretty good list of the freezer contents already, but was able to  clarify numbers and found some bagels I didn’t know we had.  Then I made myself a gin and tonic (needed to empty a tonic bottle and use up a lime) and went out to the cockpit to enjoy the evening and enter everything into my phone app. 

St Augustine Cathedral-Basilica

awesome organ

murals depicting history

Greek/Polish market

Street in St Augustine

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