Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 15, 2014 Father's Day/rocket launch

Happy Father’s Day to Dave!
We had his favorite breakfast, pancakes, bacon and eggs fried over easy.  We even put bananas in the pancakes. 

We were 6 feet deeper than when we anchored last night.  Crazy!  We left at 9:00 to time another shallow area during high tide.  At high tide-10:30-we planned to enter Hell Gate.  It was a narrow channel with warnings of shoaling at the east side for half of it and the west side for the second half.  Before entering, a barge hailed us on the VHF and asked us to wait until he exited, since the channel was so narrow.  We didn’t mind at all.  Just as we were about to enter, a bigger motorized boat with a lot of people on it were hovering near the entrance.  At first we thought they were stuck.  Then we realized it was a site seeing boat looking at dolphins.  We weren’t sure what they were going to do next, but we proceeded and made it past them fine.  We usually have an air horn ready to blast if we need to get someone’s attention. 

We saw lots of dolphins through out the day.  We even had a few greet us when we anchored tonight.  We anchored off the ICW by Hilton Head, SC.  We saw some really nice homes along the coast.  South Carolina is one of about 4 states I have not been to.  Check that one off.

For lunch and dinner today, we had Dave’s beans from the Wonderbag.  They really turned out good.  We left them in the bag all night and until about 1:00 today.  They didn’t over cook.  Just awesome! 

When we had passed Cape Canaveral in Florida, I had checked to see when the next launch would be.  It originally was going to be about June 10.  We weren’t going to wait there to watch it, but thought we may see it further up the coast.  Well, the rocket launch was postponed until today.  We sat out on the deck of our boat waiting to see if we could see it from here.  The launch was at 8:00pm.  About 8:20 we noticed a jet stream in the sky.  Then it turned and flew right over us.  Of course it was very high, but it was very fast and had to be the rocket that was launched. It was  much higher and faster than a jet would have been.  Another cool evening. 
Happy Father's Day

Talking to his mom while waiting on our deck for the rocket launch

The site I was watching for days before the launch

when we first noticed the rocket

rocket flying over our rigging

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