Monday, June 30, 2014

June 29, 2014 Boater stories-Charleston

We spent the day getting things ready to leave on Monday, but also watching the weather forecasts for the tropical storm that is forming off the east coast. 

On Friday, we met another couple in the Marina, Tom and Bev.  Their home port on their boat was Bayfield, Wisconsin.  And since we have been there with our trailer-able Catalina 25, we were instant friends.  We found out that they just returned to the US after sailing around the world for 23 years!!!  So we asked if they would join us sometime before Monday, when we were scheduled to leave, to share some of their stories.  So today, they came over to our boat for happy hour.  We invited Gary, too. 

What a fun couple!  Tom was able to work occasionally as a machinist, so that helped support them over the years.  It also allowed them to stay in places for longer stretches of time.  Actually, Bev said she worked occasionally, too. We picked their brains about all kinds of things.  They left Bayfield, WI, went thru the Great Lakes, part way down the east coast.  Then they took off towards Bermuda and headed south to the US Virgin Islands, bypassing the Bahamas all together.  Then down the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and onward.  It was interesting to listen to them go through the technology changes over the last 23 years.  Tom remembers the first time he approached a couple boats with his bag of paperback books to swap and found out they were using Kindles, which they hadn't heard of. 

Sunday night, Gary talked us into going to another local place (he lived here for 5 years in early 2000’s).  Wild Wings has a great local band on Sunday nights.  We ordered a sample platter of their chicken wings about 8:30 and found out the band didn’t start until 11:00!  So after eating, we checked the weather again.  We were debating on whether we would leave in the morning or not because of the tropical storm. 

When the waitress asked us if we wanted anything else, we said we were checking the weather first.  She sweetly offered us her umbrella if it started to rain before we left.  We chuckled because it didn't enter her mind that we were checking off shore weather.

We ended up deciding not to leave in the morning.  We stayed to hear a few songs-great band playing 70’s music like we used to listen to when we were dating.  But we just couldn’t make another late night.   And by the way, we didn't go out for Bloody Mary's this morning. 

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