Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 3, 4, 5, 2014 Boat tasks

Hot lazy day! 
Saturday:  We were working on the boat most of the day.  Dave also took a nap, since he’s not sleeping great with his toothaches.  Seems like there is always something that can be tinkered with.  About 5:00, I decided I wasn’t going to cook anything for the potluck tonight.  It was 88 degrees.  I threw together a great salad.  We needed to get rid of our fresh vegetables if we were leaving on Wednesday.  We always enjoy the potluck.  We get to visit with other sailors and always learn something new.  There was only one guy singing at the open jam, but he sang a lot of songs from the 70’s and we loved it. 

Sunday:  I was able to ride to church with my other catholic friends this morning.  Then we sat and made a list of what we needed to do before we leave the boat.  We haven’t left it for more than a night since we started living on it.  To be able to leave your boat in this marina, we have to give them the name of someone that will watch our boat for us.  We asked a neighboring boat.  Then Dave asked a second boat to watch the first boat,  because he knows the guy on the first boat wants our anchor :)  We still have to pay the same thing as if we were here using the facilities.  Bummer. 

Dave spent most of the day working on our forward head.  We have started a maintenance routine to break up salt crystals and lubricate the fittings.  Well, something must have distorted a fitting as the salt crystals worked loose.  Dave had the unpleasant job of removing the fittings and repairing things.  If this doesn’t take care of the problem, he will have to replace some parts. 

It was only in the low 80’s today, but still a little warm to cook on the boat.  We had wanted to make meatloaf, so we decided to try it on the grill.  We wrapped it in two different foil packets.  And we put potatoes in foil, too.  We have a new grill, so we are cooking things by trial and error.  There is a shelf in the grill.  So the top shelf wa3, 4, 5s fine and the lower level was a little overcooked, but edible.  Live and learn. 

Monday: Today, we realized his repair on the head was not sufficient.  You don’t want to know how we knew.  We have replacement parts, but Dave is going to pick up new parts while we have access to them at a West Marine store.  Then he will still have the replacement parts for a future repair.  Sounds like that is the life of marine heads, especially in salt water. 

Today, Dave worked on the dinghy.  Our bench seat has started to wear on the inflatable sides, so Dave beefed up those areas.  He added some “fins” to the outboard motor to help it plane better.  He mounted navigational lights.  So far we have been holding our white light after dark.  But it actually seems more dangerous because you can’t see behind you because of the blinding light.  And he is always trying to clean off the outboard motor.  The barnacles are endless. 

We spent part of the afternoon in the marina using the wifi.  We also had to line up some things with the marina before we could leave the boat.  And we took advantage of using the showers on land. 

We ran into our friends Thomas and Renata from Lithuania.  We gave him a flash drive to download the videos he had of Pete singing at the jam session while he was here.  Maybe I will learn how to attach a video to the blog.  

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