Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 20, 21, 22, 2014 Last days in Marathon

We spent this week preparing to leave Marathon, Florida.  First we had to unpack from our MN trip.  Besides doing laundry we had to store our warmer clothes that we took along and store our suitcases.  That involved lifting up and folding back our bed mattress from the end closest to the bow, and lifting the wood slats that cover the storage areas.  All while you are on top of the bed .  Dave usually crawls up there and I hand him things, and document what is going into each compartment (for future reference).  I was explaining the phone app I have for “what’s on my boat” to a friend in SD this week.  She said she wished she had that for her kitchen. 

We are always reorganizing where we store things.  And I am finding things that I now realize we won’t need.  So we occasionally get rid of a few more things.  I am realizing that I have a “bag fetish”.  I have a stash of bags for hauling groceries, ones that are strictly dry bags (will keep contents dry because of the material and the way they close), stuff bags, ziploc bags, and traveling bags.  We bought carry on size suitcases in MN that will fold up into a bag about the size of a briefcase.  Great for storing once we’re back to the boat. 

Our boat insurance expires in about a month.  So I have been talking to our existing provider and another company suggested by another sailor.  I hate insurance.  They all have their pros and cons.  Some people don’t even carry insurance.  But we have no other home to go to if something should happen to this boat. 

Dave spent part of 2 days cleaning the hull of our boat.  He used the air compressor/air hose system we have to be able to stay under water for 1-2 hours each day.  The prep and clean up time added a few hours each day.  I have always said “we don’t have to mow the lawn, but we have to clean barnacles off the boat”.  Now it’s really happening.  It looks like if it were done on a monthly basis, it wouldn’t take as long, and the boat would move smoother in the water, especially once the prop is cleaned.  Dave’s not sure about doing it himself when we get farther north and the water is colder. 

Dave also opened up the bilge and engine compartment to cover the hoses for our water maker in areas where they may chafe.  Any area where hoses go through fiberglass, they can wear through if not protected.  He had trouble with getting this done at the time of installation (there was a lot of cursing), and he wanted to get it running.  So now he went back with thinner material.  He rolled up thin, flexible cutting board material to make a channel that the hoses could go through. 

The rest of the week was filled with routine cleaning of the heads, galley, floors, and laundry.  I have graduated to cleaning the toilets without rubber gloves.  Does that make me a big girl now?

We went out to eat at Florida Keys Steak and Lobster across the highway one last time before leaving.  Their food and happy hour specials have been great.  Dave had a unique dinner.  His meat and vegetables were brought to him raw along with a 700 degree stone.  He then cooked his own meal at the table to the level of preparedness that he chose.  12 oz of beef tips, were all meat, no bone.  We are looking forward to the leftovers.  I had a wonderful veal piccata. 

We have made some good friends here in Marathon.   And I am sure our paths will cross with a few of them again.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we came back here again in the future.  

Marian shower house

Marina tiki hut where we had potlucks and jam sessions on Sat nights

Main building from the water

dinghy dock near showers and laundry

same dinghy dock from shore view. showers and then main building of marina are on the right

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