Monday, May 5, 2014

April 30, 2014 Generator and tooth mysteries

Since Dave was the driver of our rental car, he had to get up to return it.  He took off about 8:00 and was able to get in the Enterprise shuttle right away.  So he was back before 9:00. 

Dave slept through the night, but when I questioned him further, he really was suffering with his toothache.  He started working on the generator, while I composed an e-mail to go along with the x-rays I was forwarding to the dentist in Big Pine Key. 

He was able to get the generator running.  First he checked all the liquids and the belts and hoses.  He jumped the coolant switch and it started working.  Then it continued to start when he tried it a couple more times.  But he called the company to verify a few things.  They said it could still fail in the future.  So he ordered a service kit and the 2 switches to replace them if needed.  Since we are going to be here awhile with dental treatment, he will service the generator before leaving for the Bahamas. We use the generator in the mornings to make coffee (tried instant but had to get a small coffee maker) and to make water, heat water and charge any electronics.  

As soon as the dental office received my e-mail with the x-rays and a little more history, they called and offered an appointment at 1:15 today.  It was 12:00, so Dave took a quick shower.  We hopped in the dinghy and called a taxi to go the 20 miles to Big Pine Key at $2/mile. 

We really liked the office of Dr. Charles Troxel in Big Pine Key.  He adjusted Dave’s bite, but if it doesn’t feel better, he will need a root canal on the upper tooth.  The lower one that is bothering him had already had a root canal.  So we are sending for his x-rays from South Dakota to compare with today’s.  If it needs to be retreated, he will have to see an Endodontist in Key Largo that is only there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So looks like we will be in Marathon a while longer. 

We were able to take the bus back to Marathon for $4 each.  We will plan to do that when Dave has a scheduled appointment.  The bus stop isn’t too far from the dental office.  But I will try to remember a hat and a water bottle next time. 

Back at Marathon, we decided to stop at the great happy hour across the street.  I had a couple $1.50 pints while Dave had water with no ice.  Their happy hour appetizers are awesome.  Chicken wings, salmon sushi roll and raw tuna. 

A little later, back at the boat, we pulled out the chicken we planned to grill on Monday and had to throw it away.  What a shame.  But cereal was sounding better anyway.   

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