Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 11-14, 2014 Week in LeSueur, MN

Sunday:  It was so nice to be able to get into a car 15 minutes before church and drive directly there.  No dinghies, no buses, no taxis.  Ahhhh. 

We went out for dinner at Alice and Hap’s favorite restaurant on a lake about 30 minutes from their home.  We have been here with them before.  It’s a  typical bar/restaurant on a MN lake and brings back memories of fishing with Dave’s family at MN lakes. 

They always like to put in $5 each to buy pull tabs.  They are $1 each and have 3 tabs you pull back to get a match to win money.  Out of the 20 tabs, we won $104.00.  So we each got $20 back and we bought 24 more.  We won $4 out of that, bought 4 more and were done.  So we each came out $15 ahead. 

We enjoyed our meal and when the waitress brought our bill, she said the couple by the door wanted to put $20 towards our tab.  We thanked them on the way out.  They stood up and shook Hap’s hand.  They said it was because of him.  Hap was wearing his WWII Veteran Hat.  They thanked him for his service.  Pretty cool. 

Monday:  Alice had gift cards for Kohl’s since Christmas that she hadn’t used.  So we decided to go to Mankato for a girl’s shopping day. (Not like Tracy and I shop and end up at a bar.)  We each found a few things at Kohl’s.  Then we went to Panera Bread for lunch.  She also had a gift card to use there.   

When we got home, Alice made us a chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes on the top.  Mmm, Mmm.  Good home cooked meal. 

Tuesday:  Another lazy day at Grandma’s.  Dave made spaghetti and meat balls for the 4 of us. 
Dave and I spent some time updating the phones and computers.  Also started looking into renewing our boat insurance or switching to another company recommended by other sailors.  Watched Twins win with a home run.

Wednesday:  We were able to do some laundry before leaving here.  I should take that into consideration when I am packing.  Could have gotten by with less clothes.   
Updated the “What’s on my boat” app today.  I brought my lists of what I have stored where and entered it into my phone. I hope I keep it updated to make it really work for us. It’s been fun watching the Twins on TV, but they lost tonight.

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