Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013 Saturday chores

Happy Birthday Cheryl!  If I were in SD, we'd be celebrating by looking at Christmas lights in a limo with you.  I'm thinking we started that tradition about 20 years ago.  Wow!

I thought I would be more like Cheryl, since I had been thinking about her birthday.  She never carries a purse.  So yesterday, I just put some cash and cards in my pocket and took off.  Well, I spent this morning tearing the boat apart looking for a credit card.  I even called every place I went to, besides the bus (closed til Monday).  So we ended up having to cancel my card.  Luckily, this account has different numbers for me and Dave, so his is still active.  If you didn't read the blog for Dec 15, we were already down one credit card.  Our new credit cards were in Daphne, Al on Friday.  But we were worried about forwarding them here with the busy Christmas season.  We still have 2 debit cards, so we should make it to Cape Coral.  We will forward our mail to our friends there in about a week.  I can see where having your mail catch up with you could be a problem at some point. 

Dave made an awesome brunch with the leftovers from the Italian restaurant.  Besides the veal scallopini, he made potato pancakes from the leftover mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach, then covered them with cheese.

Today was a typical Saturday of doing chores.  Dave worked outside in the wind and I worked inside.  The strong wind today is the reason we are sitting here in Panama City and not out on the open sea. 

I was hustling to get ready to catch a bus at 4:00 to go to church at 5:00.  Dave was talking to someone outside for a long time.  I was trying to figure out how to politely say "hello", but take off to catch my bus.  I went out, we made introductions, little small talk, then I gave my "got a catch a bus" line.  What does he do, but offer to give me a ride.  I tell ya, there are some pretty nice folk in this world.  This was Joe Bob from Arkansas, but he lives here now. When he dropped me off at the church, he asked how I was getting back to the boat.  I explained that I planned to take the bus.  He said he'd be back to pick me up.  And there he was waiting for me after church.  He also invited us to a Christmas party where his friends were playing in the band.  As much as I like listening to live music, we weren't really sure we should crash a Christmas party.  So we ended up staying home.  Joe Bob had even given Dave a ride to a hardware store.  So we're treating him to a meal in the next day or two.

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