Thursday, March 3, 2022

October 30-31, 2021 Birthday party and Halloween

 Oct 30
There is a family at the marina that planned a surprise birthday party for their daughter.  Matt, Trish and Lilly have been at the marina for a couple years, like us.  We just love Lilly.  She is a really sweet preteen and everyone at the marina loves her.  She and Dave have become good buddies, too.  Her parents told her that there was going to be a kids Halloween party on the 30th with a dance.  There were several other kids in the marina at the time, so she fell for it.  

She was surprised by the party and turned really shy at first.  We ended up all having a fun time.  But, I  don’t think anyone actually danced. 



Oct 31
We had another fun Halloween at the marina.  There are 15 docks with a covered grilling area at the top of each dock.  We have the dozen or so kids in the marina come to the top of the docks and get loaded up with candy from anyone on the dock that wants to participate.


luckily, our dock neighbors brought adult treats

 Then we had a potluck meal at the clubhouse.  It always fun to see what boaters come up with for costumes.  Some make do with what you have on your boat.  This year, there were a few that bought costumes.  Fun to see what they come up with.

since I bought these glasses, I would think of Garth from Wayne's World when I would wake up with messy hair.  So had to do this for Halloween

eyes closed

eyes open

this winners of the costume contest

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