Thursday, March 3, 2022

November 28-December 4, 2021 MN and WI Thanksgiving with the Roth's

11-28 Sunday
Dave and I left Aberdeen for Cumberland, WI to celebrate Thanksgiving with Dave’s family.  We only went part way with a detour through Nisswa, MN.  My lifelong friend, Lori Landgrebe Scheller and her husband Rod moved there this fall.  Their daughter, Katie, Peter and kids live there.  They are building a house on an adjacent property for Lori and Rod.  They love being near their grandchildren, Bernita (Birdie), Rula, and Auggie.  It was great to spend an evening with them.

Rod Schneller, Dave, Mary, Lori Landgrebe Schneller
Lori's office at a local bank

After a great breakfast in Nisswa, we drove to Cumberland, WI.  I drove back to Wyoming, MN (about one hour) to have dinner with another friend, Stephanie Larson Stec.   We were classmates in Dental school.  It’s nice that she is so close to Dave’s mom.  

Dave’s sister Debbie brought Alice over to Rice Lake.  We all met for a lunch at a Chinese Buffet.  

Dec 1
We spent the day at Alice’s getting her Christmas decorations out.  We sorted through what she wanted to keep and what to give away.  We stated decorating for her first Christmas in her new apartment.  We found an old wooden puzzle of the map of the world.  After putting it together, she offered it to us to take home. What a treasure.  

Dec 2
Dave and I drove to Minneapolis today to pick up Pete at the airport.  We had a great lunch at the Kyoto restaurant.  You can order anything you want off of the menu for one price.  We love that place.  We had a nice evening with Alice.  Pete and I played cards with her.

Dec 3 Friday
We cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving meal today at Alice’s.  Dave’s sister Debbie joined us and brought 3 pies!!  And his brother Dean joined us from Minneapolis.  Pete, Alice and I played dice games.

Dave, Alice, Dean, Debbie


Dec 4 Saturday
We spend the afternoon at Alice’s playing cards.  We had a great meal with the leftovers from yesterday.  Then we watched the Alabama vs Georgia football game.  We wont 41-24 which moved us to 1st place in  the final four teams.  We were expecting snow tonight and in the morning.  So we left after the game and drove to Woodbury, MN.  We spent the night at Joe and Erin Clausen’s.  They introduced us to Empress Gin.  It’s named after the Empress hotel in Victoria, British Columbia.

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