Wednesday, March 2, 2022

August 1-17, 2021 Climbing the mast

 Dave wanted to try out a new system for climbing the mast.  When he first tried it, he didn’t have it attached to the mast with slugs in the mast slot to hold it in place.  It was like the swinging rope ladders at the fair.  The mast is about 55 feet off the water, or 50 feet off the deck of the boat.  His rock climbing experience has come in handy.
He was on an exploratory mission to find out what he needed to mount a speaker for our hailer/fog horn.  Right now it is too close to our radio and gives feedback.
We’re also running new wiring for our Vhf antenna.  Dave discovered the wiring had rusted when Dave was working on the through deck clam shells for wires with gaskets.  And he always check the conditions of lines and wires.

8-13 ladies lunch
Another great Ladies luncheon at the marina

Our boating friend, Trish, brought her pet parakeet to a gathering at the clubhouse

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