Sunday, August 15, 2021

April 15-16, 2021 New water leak, and prep for company

We have a couple days to get the boat ready for company.  On the way back to Brunswick landing Marina, we discovered a different leak.  This one is forward from the area that was just taken care of.  We had water in the v berth on the floor and on a bench on the port side, and a corner of our mattress.  

Today, we removed the ceiling panels in the v berth.  There were spots of mildew, but not bad.  I went outside and hosed down every fixture and window while Dave watched for water to come in.  The only thing he could see was from the port hatch.  It seemed minor.  So we switched places just in case Dave thought of a place I hadn’t.  Nothing.  Dave used 4200 to connect the ends of the seal where they meet.  Either it wasn’t done properly to begin with, or it shrank and came out over time.  We’re going to test it again on the open water and hope that took care of it.

I had the lovely job of cleaning all the mildew off of the ceiling.  Presto works wonders.  You spray it on, walk away, and 15 minutes later, it’s gone!!  The following photos are from a different area on the boat, but show's how it works without touching it.


I put our salon back into order and continued to clean as needed.  We made a trip to our storage unit to pick up our power washer to clean the exterior of the boat (deck and cockpit).  Dave also picked up fuel jugs, that were stored, to top off our fuel tank.  I located the bedding and towels we would need for guests, but will pick up later.  Back at the marina, Dave filled fuel jugs and brought them to the boat.  Nice having a rental car for that.  Otherwise he has to walk about a half mile with the fuel jugs in a cart.

I had a quick appointment with my dermatologist.  I had too many sunburns as a lifeguard back in the 70’s to ignore any changes.  Luckily she only had to freeze a small spot off of my nose.  

Dave replaced a toilet pump assembly in our aft head.  Poop juice would back up into the bowl.  Sometimes you can replace a part, but he hates messing with it any more than necessary.  So he keeps spares on board.  

I took time off from cleaning at have lunch with several ladies at the marina.  I always enjoy those luncheons.

We had 2 sets of company arriving tonight and tomorrow.  One was supposed to be here last weekend, but their plans changed.  It all worked out.  Tonight, Brian Killion, his new wife, Ana María, and her son, Alex, arrived late evening.  The two of them are from Ecuador, and it was our first time meeting them.  We have known Brian for about 30 years.  They are traveling in a van that they are converting to an RV.  So they were able to sleep in it, not on the boat.  Our marina was ok with them staying a few nights right in our parking lot.  Of course, we stayed up way too late visiting.

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