Friday, July 20, 2018

June 18-19, 2018 Leaving Beaufort, SC

Monday June18
We decided to go back into town for breakfast today.  We walked by the Old Bull Tavern again, but no luck finding anyone there.  We had great breakfast sandwiches at a bagel shop.  We also bought a few for the boat. 

When we stopped back at the marina, we asked if they knew anyone that worked at the Old Bull Tavern.   They didn’t know of anyone to call, but they offered to mail the card to our next marina if someone would bring it to them on Tuesday.  So we left messages to set that up and left them our next address.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We moved the boat to an anchorage just inside the inlet of Port Royal.  We prepared the boat and ourselves for an early start off shore to Charleston.
this is an estimate of our track from Port Royal Inlet to Charleston Harbor that I look at on my phone

Tuesday June19
We were up early and left our anchorage at 5:00am, before dawn.  We were out on the ocean when the sun came up.  Always beautiful.  We had light winds, so we had to motor all the way today.  As we approached the shipping channel to enter Charleston harbor, we could see a mass of ships together on our radar.  As we got closer, we realized they were dredging the channel.  There were 3 large boats dredging and several tug boats with barges carrying away the dredged material.  They seemed to be circling around the area.  So we had to time passing them and heading into the harbor. 


This is our chart plotter.  the long diagonal line is the shipping channel into Charleston harbor.  All the triangle shapes are the ships in the channel.  Our boat is at the bottom of the screen.  The rectangle we are heading for is our "waypoint" that the auto pilot is steering towards.  Then we will reset our course.

dredging in action. always have to keep the channels at a set depth

We entered the harbor by passing Fort Sumter at 5:00pm and were anchored in the harbor by 6:00pm, our estimated time of arrival. 

Fort Sumtper-1st shots of the Civil War when the Confederates reclaimed it from the Union
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We are meeting friends from Minnesota on Saturday, so we have a few days to enjoy ourselves in the harbor AND get the boat ready for guests. 

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