Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 29, 2016 Change of plans

We took the dinghy to shore this morning to walk to the grocery store.  We only needed milk, bread, eggs, and fruit.  We could make bread and use powdered milk.  But while it is available, we’ll take advantage of it.  The eggs were only $2/dozen.  I haven’t seen that price even in the states.  So I carried 4 dozen in my back pack and didn’t crack one!

After getting unpacked at the boat, we decided to get out of Marsh Harbor for a few days.  We have friends leaving the states any day now and heading here.  So if we hang out a few days, we could see them and possibly travel together.  They will be coming to the Abacos thought the northern part, so we decided to head north and explore those islands while we wait. 

We anchored at Green Turtle Cay about sunset.  It was a beautiful day on the water.  Once we arrived, I checked e-mails and found out my 100 year old aunt in SD passed away, Dorothy Zeller.  She was my mom’s sister and was married to my dad’s brother.  So our two families were very close all of my live.  Their homes were only a couple blocks apart in my hometown of Miller, SD. 

So I got on line and started checking flights.  I found a flight out of Marsh Harbor and into Aberdeen, SD in one day, same on the return.  Everything the day before or after or through different sources was $1000 more.  So we talked it over and within about an hour, I booked my flight for March 3-10.  We had talked about what we would do when she passed away before we left the states.  And the plan was always to go home if it worked with connections and wasn’t too crazy expensive. 

Someone recently asked me what I missed about my previous life by living on a boat.  My first thought was missing family life events.  My brother had recently sent me pictures from my aunt Dorothy’s 100th birthday party.  So I am seizing the opportunity to be with my family again.   Of course the second thing I thought of was a comfortable living room chair. 

I started making some lists for packing that night.  I also stayed up late waiting to hear from my sister that she would actually be in Aberdeen on the 3rd when I arrive.  They travel a lot and it was quite possible that they wouldn’t be home.  I didn’t hear from her, but was able to go to sleep by about 1:00.  I woke up about 5:00 and saw her e-mail.  They had been to a Bruce Springsteen concert, and yes she would be there.  Well now I couldn’t go back to sleep.   I decided I would have to take a nap later today. 

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