Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 25, 2016 return to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

Thursday Feb 25
We headed over to the Hopetown Inn and Marina for breakfast today.  They have an awesome menu.  Dean had the lobster eggs Benedict, Dave the breakfast burrito with their peas and rice and bacon, I had the Bahamian scrambler with the catch of the day which was Mahi.  They were all great.

We dropped off Dean at the Lighthouse so he could check it out.  Dave and I returned to the boat to get it ready to leave the harbor.  We want to get Dean back to Marsh Harbor for his flight out tomorrow.  Plus we need to make water so we can have our overdue showers.

Dean enjoyed the view from the lighthouse, then Dave ran him back to town to exchange something at a gift shop.  After all that was completed, we were ready to leave our mooring ball in Hopetown and head to Marsh Harbor.  We motored there in about 20k winds on our nose which took about 2 hours.

We anchored in the harbor so Dean could go to shore for the afternoon while we made water.  I took him to Snappas restaurant so he could use their wifi and electricity.  Then I went to the dinghy dock to take in our garbage and find someplace to add data to my phone. 

There are several stores that have a sign that says “Top Up Here”.  The first place I stopped at was closed.  The second one said they couldn’t do that at their store.  The third place was very helpful.  2 gig costs $30 and expires after one month.  With catching free wifi at different places, the 2g lasted the month. 

We had decided to make water right here in Marsh Harbor for the first time.  The wind was coming through the harbor entrance bringing fresh water to our boat, or pushing debris behind our boat (Dave said the carcasses and sludge and it’s not Brazilian water).  We always test the water to make sure it is potable and it was. 

After making water, we joined Dean at Snappa’s for happy hour and a light dinner.  Back at the boat, Dave and I spent the evening reading and let Dean start packing.   Dean had brought his own sheets and beach towel, like we had asked.  But he wanted to leave them with us to make room for his souvenirs.  That wasn’t the idea.  It was so we wouldn’t have to wash them by hand and hang them to dry on our boat.  The cheapest laundry we have found was $5.50/machine, so $11 for one load.  Plus we would have to spend our day sitting at a laundry mat.  And now we have to find a place to store them.  So if there are any future guests on any sailboat reading this, keep that in mind.   

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