Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 26-28, 2015 Marina life

Wednesday, August 26
Today I scrubbed the chaps for the dinghy.  We took them off of the dinghy before we stored the dinghy on our deck.  This was good timing to wash the salt water off of them.  Then Dave plans to coat them with the left over SailKote for protection.  I made our friend, Ricardo, take a picture of me because all the pictures I have are of Dave working.

Dave worked on the generator. He replaced the raw water pump with a new pump.  We made it since early May with his make shift repair back in Georgetown, Bahamas.  What a guy!
Ricardo used our hookah system to change the zincs on our boat and on his own boat.  We all think he’s crazy to go into this stagnant water, but he keeps insisting that it is much better than the water in Brazil. 

Dave is always so helpful

Rhonda, on the neighboring dock, showed me how she makes cookies on the grill in a pyrex pan.  Just may have to try that instead of heating up the boat.

I rode to a shopping mall with another boater.  She meets with other ladies every Wednesday at Books A Million just to knit and visit.  So I rode along and shopped at Beall’s Outlet, Bed, Bath and Beyond, a Dollar Store, and Books a Million.  Wasn’t sure what I would do for 2 hours, but had no problem keeping busy. 
When I returned to the marina, we had pizza and beer with Ricardo.  He has a motor cycle, so he was the delivery man.  Not the best late night supper.  No wonder I don’t lose weight!

Thursday, August 27
We finally got out our collapsable bicycles for the first time after taking them out of storage.  The tires needed air and they needed lubricating.  We rode to Maggie’s for lunch and then to the hardware store and West Marine.  We ran into other boaters we knew at West Marine.
another boater from the marina, Gary, with a ferret that someone had come into the store with

When we returned, we stopped at the office to pick up our packages.  I took 32 rolls of toilet paper back to the boat in my backpack and on my bike carrier.  Dave just carried his box of 32 rolls.  It is easier to have it shipped to us to store on the boat than to try to carry it from the store on our bikes.  And it is more expensive in the Bahamas.  So we are already stocking for this winter.
Before leaving on our bicycles, there was a large manatee at our dock drinking water from a hose.  I had never seen one open it’s mouth.  That was fun to see.
I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry while Dave helped Ricardo with his electrical system. 

Friday, August 28
Dave coated the dinghy chaps with SailKote and tinkered on other things.
I made banana bread, again.  Here is a picture just to show you the motions you have to go through on the boat.  I don't have a mixer, so I mush the bananas in a bag.  And to melt the butter, I have to remove our hand held electronics from the microwave.  We just leave them there to protect them from lightning since it seems to storm everyday here. 

We enjoyed happy hour with the marina folk this evening, then had a chicken dinner on the dock with Ricardo and our friend, Amy.  We met Amy through another boater, but she lives in Savannah, about an hour from here.  She invited all of us to go to Savannah with her for a night out, but the guys felt like they needed to work on the boat.  So I went with her for a girlfriend weekend.  She has a lovely home in Savannah. (I  miss sitting on a comfortable couch!)

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