Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 31, 2015 Change in plans

Monday, August 31
We spent some time this morning discussing our options for the next couple months.  Dave signed up to take the Coast Guard Captain’s license test in Deltaville, VA on September 15.  We actually thought we would have left for the Chesapeake by last week.  We are still waiting of a sail to be returned.  And the weather has been unpredictable.  So we checked into his options and changed the test from VA to Savannah, Georgia on September 19.  That lets us breathe easier.  We’ll probably stay put during this unsettled weather and continue our boat projects.  This way Dave can also spend time studying for the test rather than worrying about moving the boat.  IF we do head north in the next 2 weeks, we can still drive back to Savannah to take the test. 

We walked to the office with a dock cart to pick up packages and pay our rent.  We told the marina office that we would be here another week or until December.  Who knows in the sailing life!

When we returned, we noticed that the water coming out of the air conditioner exhaust through hull was clear and it should be foamy.  So Dave decided to check it out.  He found that the condensation pan was full.  Usually that is emptied by adding air to it, which makes it look foamy as it goes overboard.  The device to remove the water was clogged.  And he needed a new “check valve”, which is ordered and on it’s way.  So most of the day was spent working on the air conditioner.  That’s how things get side tracked. 

Found out some sad news tonight about our niece, Dena (Dave’s sister Debbie’s daughter).  She has been doctoring with cancer since some time in May.  She thought she had the cancer removed in June.  Today she saw a gynecological oncologist.  She has to have some lymph nodes removed and a radical hysterectomy.   She is only 36, has 3 kids, 12, 13, 16.  And her x-husband just had his colon removed because of cancer.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids.  She is a busy mom, besides dealing with this.  So any prayers for her and her family would be appreciated. 

We thought we had to make major decisions with our life this morning.  But it sure puts things into perspective when you hear news like this.

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