Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 8-11, 2015 radiator and day sail Georgia

I made the mistake of asking Dave if there was anything I could help with today.  I ended up scrubbing our dinghy cover, 2 ThermaRest pads and my yoga mat.  They had a combination of stains and stink. 
yes, sometimes I actually work

Dave went to a radiator shop today to talk to them about fixing our heat exchanger on the Yanmar engine. In the heat exchanger, the raw water comes in cool and goes out hot.  There is another loop with antifreeze which circulates through the engine and will heat the water for our hot water tank when the engine is running.  Also the exhaust from the engine mixes with the raw water and is exhausted overboard.  We have had a leak on the neck where you fill the antifreeze.  Dave had tried a few things to repair it himself that haven’t worked.  He talked to an engine mechanic in Savannah that was going to replace a part for us.  But we found out Yanmar doesn’t sell the neck anymore.  They want to sell you the whole heat exchanger (cooling assembly) for $2000.  So Dave removed it and took it to a radiator shop so they can repair the leak with silver solder.  There was a lot of grunting and swear words coming out of the aft cabin where there is access to the side of the engine.  We could see into the cylinder exhaust holes .  The #2 cylinder was full of gunk-carbon build up, from not burning out, since it wasn’t firing.  Dave will clean that before replacing the heat exchanger.  Dave took off for the radiator shop on a bicycle with the metal heat exchanger in a back pack in the rain with lightning and thunder.  He wanted to get there before they closed today.  He stopped in the marina office and our sail was here!!!!  He also had several small packages from his Amazon shopping day last week.  So he was “delivery boy” today. 
checking out the dirty #2 cylander

A few women decided to plan to play cards on Wednesday afternoons.  So we had fun playing cribbage.
Dave put on our genoa sail today with the help of a couple guys while I was at happy hour :)
huge dead horseshoe crab found at the dock
interesting under side

I made pulled pork using our Wonderbag.  We made it for this weekend, but had a great meal fresh from the pot.  It went into the bag about 1:00 and it was still hot at 6:00 and really tender.  Love that bag!

We went for a sail with Ricardo and Amy on Ricardo’s boat.  It was fun to sail on someone else’s boat.  It is a 383 Beneteau, so it is similar to ours, but 38 feet instead of 43.  We went out the St Simon’s inlet onto the ocean.  It was great experience for Amy and she loved it. 

Amy as we are leaving the marina

Ricardo and Amy

Dave just loves being out on the water

new Facebook profile picture

we shared the channel with a cargo ship as we came in

lessons in sailing

I think she likes it

Ricardo can now enjoy the sail

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