Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25, 2015 Ft Pierce to Jensen Beach, FL

We decided to wait at this marina for the new chart plotter and new charts for coastal American, Bahamas, Caribbean and some of South America.  So we spent the morning calling credit card companies to let them know where we will be over the next 4-5 months.  We also called Verizon to plan our phones.  We decided we will turn off our phone service while we are gone.  With the money we are saving, we may pick up a Bahamian phone.  All the details you have to think of!

We had lunch at the Tiki bar.  By the time Dave showered, the parts were here.  So we left the dock about 2:30 just wanting to get about 15 miles further south.  Neither one of us slept very well at this marina.  There was a train close by that sounded it’s whistle, more like a trumpet, throughout the night.  And the people on the dock were noisy.  And last night, there was a burning smell that irritated our throats most of the night.

We turn on the VHF radio when we are moving the boat.  All afternoon, we periodically heard an announcement by the US Coast Guard telling us that the Ft Pierce Inlet was closed indefinitely.  We passed that just as we left the marina.  And actually, last year, we came in that inlet.  So we googled the incident and here is what we found.  Yesterday, a barge that was taking on water, was being towed.  Ft Pierce inlet was the closest inlet for them to come in.  At about 6:30 pm, they met an outgoing tide in the inlet that caused more water to cover the barge.  It broke in half and part of the barge was sucked into the hull of the barge, drowning one person.  So sad, and a dose of reality.  You can’t take anything for granted. 

We anchored on the north side of Jensen Bridge at Jensen beach.  We are expecting south winds and rain tomorrow.  We’ll study the weather and our path on the ICW to decide if we will stay put for a day, or go further. 

We ran the generator and water maker at our anchorage.  So we charge all of our laptops and phones and make popcorn.  Yes, since we have microwave popcorn, I have been making up a couple bags when the generator is running.  Then we put it in a ziplock bag and it keeps just fine.

Dave made a pesto using spinach a couple days ago.  So we are going to have that for dinner.  I am going to post this now while we have power and Dave’s hotspot wifi from his phone.  So I’ll have to let you know how the pesto turned out.  But maybe we’ll just have popcorn. 

I remember visiting with some other female classmates in the first few weeks of dental school.  I was already married.  A few said they couldn’t imagine being married while in school.  One said “when I get home, sometimes all I feel like having for dinner is popcorn.”  I said “so do we”.

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