Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 21-22, 2015 Sebastian, FL

Dave came down with my cold.  So we just stayed here for a day so he could sleep.  I filled my time with wasting time :)

Today would have been Hap’s, Dave’s stepfather’s, 93rd birthday.  This is the first year without him.  Dave’s mom is going to dinner with her son, Dean in MN.  Dave's brother, Dean, is a police officer in Mpls.  Last night an officer was shot at unprovoked.  He's still alive, and they caught the guy.  Dean knew him.  And Dean happened to take the night off because he wasn't feeling well.  Scarey!
Today is the visitation for the mother of a dear friend of mine in SD, Yvonne McCann.  These are reminders of why we are doing this now.  May they both rest in peace.  And keep our police safe!

I let Dave sleep in to help him get over his cold.  Then we had a big Sunday breakfast.  I made pancakes for the first time on the boat.  Now I can no longer pretend that Dave is the only one who can make them :(

It was 70 degrees this morning!!! We were able to open the windows on the boat while at anchor instead of turning on the heat this morning!!  Now we feel like we’re in Florida. 

While we were on the ICW, we saw someone surfing behind a power boat.  Our niece and family in CO do this, Sherri, Bobby and Jaxon.  So we texted back and forth about it.  They just bought a vacation home in Key Largo.  So we hope to join them there someday. 

I have gotten pretty good about using the “what’s on my boat” app on my phone for our provisions and general “stuff”.  As we use the items, I change the number of what we have on hand.  I realized that this won’t help me when I want to evaluate how well we provisioned for the Bahamas.  So today, I made a list of our provisions on paper (since we are frugal with our power).  Then I will put it in a spread sheet where I can make notes about what we add while we are in the Bahamas.  Then when we are back, I will evaluate our usage and come up with a monthly master list for provisioning in the future.  It takes some organization up front, but it will be so much easier for future passages. 

About an hour before we reached our anchorage, I took a shower while we were under way.  That was a first for either of us.  The engine heated the water, and the ICW is pretty smooth.  There is an occasional power boat that speeds by, but no problem.  Dave showered after we were at anchor.  It was the first in 5 days and felt SOOOOO good. 

When we ran the generator to make water a couple days ago, Dave noticed the generator was smoking.  So after we anchored today, he serviced the generator.  He checked the oil and the filters.  He noticed the impeller has swollen and was pressing on the impeller plate, slowing it down.  So after he cleaned that up, it ran much better.  We then ran the generator and water maker.  They just need to be run occasionally.  When we are at a marina, we don’t need either one, so they just sit.  Dave has a theory “men and boats rot in a marina”.

After showering, I noticed a spot on the inside of my arm just above the elbow.  I have been watching this for a few weeks thinking it was a bruise.  I think it was there while I was in SD.  Today we decided it looked like ring worm, so I put some anti fungal cream on it.  No idea how I would have gotten that.   The only thing I can blame is Tracy and Richard’s cat!  So BE WARE!  I know Richard reads this and I’ll hear about it. 

this view is from the companionway looking into the cockpit and at the sunset

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  1. Mary
    I think an apology for you and Bev being Petri dishes of diseases, and coming to our house would be more appropriate than improperly blaming our cat on some southern hillbilly thing that you've caught.