Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 21-23, 2014 GA Festivities

Sunday, I sang with the choir at church again.  When I got back, we found out there was a party at the yacht club at the marina that everyone was invited to.  A couple from Australia, their 2 sons and her parents had been working on a boat here for 9 years and were finally ready to leave.  They wanted to throw this party to thank everyone for helping them and to say good-bye.  It was a nice chance for us to meet some of the sailors on the other docks.  They provided beer, wine, shrimp, oysters, ribs, pork, chicken, potatoes, mac and cheese, salads, bread sticks and desserts.  They had a 2 person band that played a lot of 70’s songs and several people danced.  It went from about 2:00 to 6:00.  And we even had a doggie bag of ribs and chicken.  Very nice people that were glad to share with people they had never met, like us. 

Tuesday, Dave gave me my Christmas present early, a day of shopping and a massage.  Since I didn’t know anyone here, I picked a place near a mall.  I took a taxi there about 11:00 am and spent some time wandering through stores.  Christmas is really different living on the boat.  You are really limited in what you can have aboard for personal items.  So exchanging gifts doesn’t seem that important.  And when we need something, we usually order it on Amazon when we know we will be someplace for a few days to have it shipped.  Dave has been considering getting some slippers for the boat.  I was excited to find him a pair of Green Bay Packer slippers.  I was looking for a couple kitchen items, but I think I need to find a Bed, Bath & Beyond when we have a rental car.  I had a nice lunch at a restaurant, not the food court.  And JC Penny’s salon was able to fit me in for a haircut/trim.

Then I had an awesome 90 minute massage.  I really felt fortunate to find her.  She also gave me some great tips to help reduce inflammation in my knees (besides losing weight) such as reduce sugar and be sure to eat greens.  And if it’s hard for us to get fresh greens on the boat, I could drink them with a powdered source of greens.  So we’ll see. 

We've been spending the evenings watching our favorite Christmas movies on DVD or on Amazon Prime, which allows us to watch  movies for free (although the choices aren't always great).  And sometimes our wifi connection isn't great. 

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