Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 15-17, 2014 GA Wedding Anniversary

Dec 15:  Today, Dave met a man from Norway.  He was helping his son move a boat from Boston to Key West.  We took them some warm banana bread and visited for awhile.  He has a boat that he keeps in Greece and would be interested in swapping boats sometime.  That would be so cool.  we have always wanted to sail there.  We swapped contact information and may make it happen some day.  And we found out the boatyard can work on our boat Jan 6, 2015.  Yeah, earlier than we thought. 

Dec 16:  Dave is lining up the things he needs to get his Coast Guard approved Captain’s License.  He has studied for the exam and is looking into where he can take the test while we are here.  He also needs CPR and 1st aid.  I need to renew my CPR by the end of January to keep my SD dental license active.  So we’ll both take the classes.  Today, we went to an office in Brunswick to get our TWiC cards.  Transportation Worker Identification Credential.  Since we were here, I got mine, too.  So I better start studying for the test. 

December 17, 2014
Happy Anniversary to my Happy Wanderer.  We started with a 2 year honeymoon in Germany (compliments of the USAF) 37 years ago.  Now we are starting the second year of our second honeymoon living on a sailboat.  Thank you, Dave, for showing this South Dakota girl the world.  Dave has always had a lust for adventure and I have enjoyed the ride. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we took the marina’s one speed bicycles to St. Simons Island.  We figured it would be at least 6 miles one way, but it would be mostly flat.  There was a nice bicycle lane across the savannah to the island.  There were  5 bridges.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about that 65 foot bridge we sailed under last June on the Intracoastal Waterway.  Another one was 40 feet and the other 3 were 6 or 9 foot, so basically flat. 

The bicycle path at the island circled the end of the island.  It was a beautiful ride, but added some miles.  When we got to the ocean, we felt like tourists.  There were a lot of little shops and restaurants.  We went to the lighthouse and looked out over the channel markers for the inlet.  It was interesting to see what we had come through in the fog over a week ago.  I remember Dave saying there was a light house on the shore, but we couldn’t see it at the time.  We also watched dolphins frolicking in the water.  This would be a great place for a family reunion.

We decided to have a light late lunch before returning to the boat.  We picked a place with out door seating in the sunshine.  We each had a cup of their New England Clam chowder and their Crab Bisque.  They were both excellent.  We decided it was the amount of butter they used.  We also shared a shrimp sampler of 12 shrimp, 3 each of buffalo, coconut, bacon wrapped, and fried.  Dave’s favorite part was the free serve yourself ice cream with toppings that came with every order. 

When we went back to our bikes, Dave announced “it’s all down hill on the way home!”  Some people walking by burst out laughing.  When you think about it, we were at sea level. 

We stopped at a grocery store and hobbled around leaning on the cart.  We filled our back packs with some essentials and made it back to the boat just before dark.   

We didn’t have evening plans for our anniversary because I wanted to go to choir practice for Christmas.  The  church is about a mile away, so I took a taxi and someone gave me a ride home.  Had to take those stairs to the choir loft pretty slow up and down. 

We figured we actually biked about 20 miles.  Remember, we have been sitting on a boat for a year with occasionally walking or swimming.  We loved it.

Late breakfast before our ride
Dave's speed

My speed

This is the 40 foot bridge

cool to cross the ICW since we have sailed under this bridge

Lighthouse we didn't see in the fog

free ice cream is the best

beautiful bike path. interesting to see fallen leaves next to palm plants

This is why they picked Savannah for that city's name. It's about an hour north of here (by car that is).

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