Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 13, 2014 GA farmer's market

This morning I finally went to the local Farmer’s Market.  They have it every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday about 2 blocks from here in Mary Ross Park.  I always have to spell my name on the telephone because people think I am saying Mary Ross instead of Mary Roth.  So I kind of liked the name of the park. 

It was nice to get fresh fruits and vegetables again.  There were large bunches of greens with a stalk similar to celery, but not as dense.  I found out it was mustard and that the whole bunch would cook down to 2 servings of mustard greens.  I decided to pass on that.  We had recently read about making soup stock using turnips.  So I bought a bunch of about 10 turnips.  The lady told me that a lot of people only cook the roots.  I guess I hadn’t thought about making turnip greens.  I was able to get eggs here, but it was a cardboard flat with 20 eggs.  Luckily I had brought some bags and was able to carefully carry them back to the boat.  I have a hard container that I can put 12 eggs in and close the lid.  But these eggs looked too big for that.  So now what to do with these eggs.  I have read that if you buy eggs that aren’t refrigerated, you don’t have to refrigerate them at the boat.  So we are going to test that, especially since it isn’t hot here.

After I got back to the boat, Dave came up with some ideas for meals.  So he went back to the market with me.  We ended up buying lots of onions and garlic and basil.  And he wanted a half gallon of raw milk for $4.  Dave made an awesome French onion soup and cooked turnips.  Then he made pesto using the fresh basil we bought and Georgia pecans (from Farmer’s Market) instead of pine nuts.  Very Good!!
turnips with bacon and French onion soup

Dave's pesto

shrimp pesto spaghetti

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